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Forensic Psychology Unit

An international hub for research, teaching, and consultancy on the relationship between psychological science and the criminal justice system.

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Collective expertise within the Unit spans evidence-gathering and the investigation process, through to the sentencing, assessment and management of offenders.

Our research has informed major developments in eyewitness identification and the interviewing of victims and witnesses in the UK and internationally. Projects range from fundamental research and theory development, through to ‘on-the-ground' application and testing; from the lab to the field. 

The Unit is a home for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in forensic psychology; research students supervised by unit staff members; short CPD courses in forensic psychology; and relevant consultancy.

A strength of the Unit is our strong collaborative relationships with practitioners and key end-users of the research projects to ensure our work realistically and meaningfully influences policy and procedure. Each member of the Unit has extensive experience facilitating effective and appropriate knowledge exchange, to ensure maximum impact is achieved where possible. 

Our aim is to use psychological science to make criminal investigations fair and effective.


  • To attract external research funding.
  • To attract research studentships.
  • To develop and support an undergraduate programme in forensic psychology.
  • To develop and support a taught masters programme in forensic psychology.
  • To support supervision of student projects at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • To provide short CPD events in forensic psychology.
  • To engage with research users including police, solicitors and barristers.

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