About History at Goldsmiths


History posters at Goldsmiths

Why choose History at Goldsmiths?

We’re innovative

We teach issues, themes, and controversies so you’ll be able to study aspects of traditional history but you can also study history in terms of its concepts – whether that’s comparing the propaganda techniques of Nazism and Soviet Communism, or case studies of major religious conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Ireland. We pioneer understanding past societies through their belief systems and their attitudes to subjects such as love, the body and death.

We’re part of a bigger network

You can take advantage of Goldsmiths’ place as part of the University of London, giving you access to great libraries, a wide range of courses in your second year, and Special Subjects in your third year. With over 45 Special Subjects on offer from institutions including Birkbeck, King’s College London, Queen Mary, and UCL, you can specialise within a different setting – adding another dimension to your degree.

We’re engaged

And we want you to argue with us. Come and unpick the evidence, get to grips with source material and then make up your own mind about the subjects that interest you most, learning from an expert team of approachable staff who 100% of students said were ‘enthusiastic about their teaching’ (2011 National Student Survey).

Have a look at the individual staff and research pages and get involved in Goldsmiths history seminars and events held by the Centre for the Study of the Balkans and the new Centre of the Body.