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Photo of Dr Justin Bengry

Dr Justin Bengry

Lecturer in Queer History, MA Queer History course convenor
j.bengry (

Justin is cultural historian of sexualities and the queer past focusing on twentieth-century Britain.

Photo of Dr Antonio Cartolano

Dr Antonio Cartolano

Lecturer in History
a.cartolano (

Antonio’s research and teaching interests are in the fields of Renaissance History, Art History, and Cultural Studies.

Photo of Dr Kate Davison

Dr Kate Davison

DAAD Lecturer in Queer History
k.davison (

Historian of sexuality with a focus on the twentieth century.

Photo of Dr Bruno De Nicola

Dr Bruno De Nicola

Lecturer in the History of the Middle East
b.denicola (

Bruno is a cultural historian of the pre-modern Middle East with a special emphasis on the history of the Mongol Empire.

Photo of Dr Cheryl Deedman

Dr Cheryl Deedman

Lecturer, Year 2, Year 3 and Joint Degrees Tutor
c.deedman (

Cheryl’s focus is romantic literature and its effects on the subjectivities and imaginations of working-class women.

Photo of Prof Dejan Djokić

Prof Dejan Djokić

Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, On research leave 2019-22
d.djokic (

Dejan researches political, social and cultural history of the Balkans and global history of the Cold War.

Photo of Dr Hannah Elias

Dr Hannah Elias

Lecturer in Black British History
h.elias (

Cultural historian of the twentieth century researching Black British histories, religion, media and public history.

Photo of Dr Christienna Fryar

Dr Christienna Fryar

Lecturer in Black British History
c.fryar (

Christienna is a historian of modern Britain, the British Empire, and the modern Caribbean.

Photo of Prof Richard Grayson

Prof Richard Grayson

Professor of Twentieth Century History, Head of History
r.grayson (

Richard’s research interests are in Irish history and the First World War, and the role of remembrance in society.

Photo of Dr Ariel Hessayon

Dr Ariel Hessayon

Reader in early modern History
a.hessayon (

Ariel’s research interests include early modern ideas, religion, politics, literature and popular culture.

Photo of Dr Rebekah Lee

Dr Rebekah Lee

Senior Lecturer
r.lee (

Rebekah’s research is concerned with the social and cultural history of southern Africa.

Photo of Dr Tara Povey

Dr Tara Povey

Lecturer in Post-Colonial and Global History
T.Povey (

Tara specialises in the social history and politics of the modern Middle East.

Photo of Dr John Price

Dr John Price

Senior Lecturer
j.price (

John is a social and cultural historian who takes a ‘People’s History’ approach to modern London and Britain.

Photo of Dr John Rees

Dr John Rees

Visiting Research Fellow
jrees012 (

John is researching his second book on the English Revolution of the 1640s, following The Leveller Revolution (Verso, 20

Photo of Dr Anastasia Stouraiti

Dr Anastasia Stouraiti

Lecturer in Early Modern History
a.stouraiti (

Anastasia is a cultural historian of early modernity, researching the history of Venice and its Mediterranean empire

Photo of Dr Erica Wald

Dr Erica Wald

Senior Lecturer in Modern History
e.wald (

Erica’s research intersects the fields of imperial, social and medical history, with a focus on colonial India.

Photo of Dr Maurice Walsh

Dr Maurice Walsh

Senior Lecturer in History, BA History and Journalism Course Convenor
M.Walsh (

Maurice’s focus is on the convergence of journalism, political ideas and literary culture in the 20th century.

Photo of Prof Alexander Watson

Prof Alexander Watson

Professor of History, UG Admissions Tutor
a.watson (

Alexander’s current research looks at conflict and identity in East-Central Europe and the concept of total war.

Photo of Dr Kathryn Woods

Dr Kathryn Woods

Dean of Students, Visiting Research Fellow
K.Woods (

My research interests are in the history of the body, early modern medicine, history of the student experience.

Photo of Dr Nada Zečević

Dr Nada Zečević

n.zecevic (

A historian of Southeastern Europe, focusing on migration, communication and exchange of the region’s historic societi