In 2010, ICCE - The Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE) launched SYNAPSE – a workshop programme designed to offer all Departments in Goldsmiths the opportunity for their students to explore and develop entrepreneurial tools to ‘map their futures’.  This is not necessarily the same as tools for enterprise or business ‘start up’ but a means to equip students with the skills to think about their future and the impact they would like to make with an aim of enhancing graduates employability within their sector, and their potential to realise personal projects. These workshops are designed to support and compliment any already existing professional preparation that Departments might offer. The programme is run by Adrian De La Court an academic from ICCE, and lecturer on MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

Since the delivery of the new programme in May 2012 to the end of Summer Term 2017, it is estimated that SYNAPSE has delivered over 750 hours of workshops to students across Goldsmiths.

To date an estimated minimum total of 4,500+ Goldsmiths students have been engaged by the SYNAPSE programme.

The programme has worked with the Departments of Theatre and Performance, Visual Cultures, Design, Media and Communications, Music, Sociology, History, Education, Anthropology and Computing to deliver Synapse sessions. 

Some examples of workshops include:-

Industry Mapping

A creative exploration of how your industry works, the complexity and the connectivity. This session helps individuals and groups to better understand the breadth of activities and operation within their sector. It will help you begin to focus your interests and help identify the skills that you will need to develop over the rest of your study at Goldsmiths.

From ambition to action

This workshop helps students to unpick their skills, talents and knowledge and to reflect on their learning and development over their course of studies so far. We will identify your big (and smaller) ambitions for your short term and long term future, and begin to develop an action plan to get there. The session explores the power and value of collaboration and networks, and looks at ways in which you can initiate these. You start to map the key organisations that work in the field, and who you will need to connect with to further your goals.

What do they say: -

This workshop programme has been received with enthusiasm and acclaim from students and staff alike:

‘’It is easy to feel isolated, especially when working as an independent solo artist, it was psychologically helpful to have a forum to share fears, ask questions and identify weak spots with the support of someone with Adrian’s particular experience.’’

‘’There should be much more of this throughout the year so that we can build a body of knowledge and start using it now’’.

‘’Very energising and helpful and thoroughly sensitive to the group.’’

‘’Very important that this workshop took place.  It should be done more regularly.’’

‘’Workshop leader was full of great energy that makes it easy to ask questions and start discussions.’’

‘’… it turned out to be invaluable in working out how to make a mammoth task achievable.’’


SYNAPSE is supported and delivered by the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship.

For more information about how your Department can engage with SYNAPSE contact us for a chat

SYNAPSE Director: Adrian De La Court,

Tel:  020 7078 5467