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Photo of Dr Victoria Alexander

Dr Victoria Alexander

Programme Convenor, BA Arts Management
V.Alexander (@gold.ac.uk)

Victoria’s research combines sociology of the arts, visual culture, sociology of organisations and culture.

Photo of Roxana Bratu

Roxana Bratu

Research Assistant in Trade Secrets, Economic Espionage and Cybercrime
r.bratu (@gold.ac.uk)

Photo of Dr Aleksandar Brkić

Dr Aleksandar Brkić

a.brkic ( (@gold.ac.uk)

Aleksandar is experienced in arts management and cultural policy as a researcher, creative producer and arts manager.

Photo of Claire Cooke

Claire Cooke

Lecturer in Arts Management
c.cooke (@gold.ac.uk)

Claire is interested in magic, ritual, public space, performance (and its history), contemporary art and film.

Adrian De La Court

Lecturer, MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship and Director, SYNAPSE
a.delacourt (@gold.ac.uk)

Originally trained as an artist and dancer, Adrian has developed a strong portfolio career in the creative industries.

Photo of Dr Cecilia Dinardi

Dr Cecilia Dinardi

Senior Lecturer in Cultural Policy
c.dinardi (@gold.ac.uk)

Cecilia focuses on cultural policies, creative economy, heritage, cities, urban regeneration & creative methodologies.

Photo of Dr Carla Figueira

Dr Carla Figueira

Director MA Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy | Director MA Cultural Policy and Tourism
c.figueira (@gold.ac.uk)

Carla examines international cultural relations as a transdisciplinary field and is interested in areas of cultural policy.

Photo of Dr Michael Franklin

Dr Michael Franklin

Postdoctoral Researcher
m.franklin (@gold.ac.uk)

Michael’s research investigates the conceptualisation & management of risk in the film industry & related creative businesses

Photo of Dr Richard Hull

Dr Richard Hull

Director, MA Social Entrepreneurship, ICCE
r.hull (@gold.ac.uk)

Richard explores social and sustainable enterprise and emerging alternatives to shareholder-focused forms of capitalism.

Photo of Oliver Kempton

Oliver Kempton

Visiting Tutor
o.kempton (@gold.ac.uk)

Oliver’s focus is on using social research, evaluation and analysis to help organisations understand their impact.

Photo of Dr Sylvia Lahav

Dr Sylvia Lahav

s.lahav (@gold.ac.uk)

Sylvia remains interested in the way in which museums of art use textual explanation to interpret their collections.

Photo of Gerald Lidstone BA MA ATC Dr h. c. FRGS

Gerald Lidstone BA MA ATC Dr h. c. FRGS

Director of the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE)
g.lidstone (@gold.ac.uk)

Gerald has worked internationally in arts management for 30 yrs, also recently completing a research evaluation for Sadler’s Wells

Photo of Sara Linden

Sara Linden

s.linden (@gold.ac.uk)

Sara’s interests include city branding, gender and urban spaces, and representation of cities in the media.

Photo of Dr. Kelly Meng Parnwell

Dr. Kelly Meng Parnwell

Lecturer in Luxury Brand Management
k.meng (@gold.ac.uk)

Kelly's current research focuses on international business development and strategic management in the luxury industry.

Photo of Dr Oonagh Murphy

Dr Oonagh Murphy

Lecturer in Arts Management
o.murphy (@gold.ac.uk)

Oonagh’s research has explored best practice on the scalability of emerging technologies for cultural organisations.

Photo of George Musgrave

George Musgrave

g.musgrave (@gold.ac.uk)

George researches mental health and the music industry, artistic entrepreneurship and conditions of creativity.

Photo of Siân Prime

Siân Prime

Director, MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
s.prime (@gold.ac.uk)

Siân has worked with creative and social enterprises to find financial models to ensure impact and value creation.

Photo of Dr Nicola Searle

Dr Nicola Searle

Digital Economy Fellow
n.searle (@gold.ac.uk)

Nicola specialises in economics of intellectual property, with a focus on the creative industries and trade secrets.

Photo of Dr Martin Smith

Dr Martin Smith

Visiting Fellow
msmit053 (@gold.ac.uk)

Martin works in the media, cultural and creative sectors in various advisory, executive, and non-executive capacities.

Photo of Dr Tomoko Tamari

Dr Tomoko Tamari

Lecturer in Sociology
t.tamari (@gold.ac.uk)

Tomoko’s interests are Japanese culture & society; consumer culture; department store & aestheticization; visual sociology and the body.