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We have an international cohort of students researching a wide and diverse range of topics. From cultural taste in Ireland, musical theatre in China and NGOs in Jamaica, to urban mobilities, acting careers and the role of recording in cultural diplomacy, among other subjects and geographical locations.

Read below and find out more about the research carried out by MPhil/PhD students in ICCE

Photo of Dr Edward Dixon

Dr Edward Dixon

edward.dixon (

Charities from Below: The cases of emergence, evolution and resourcing strategies of Philanthropic Action in the Creative and Cultural Industry in Jamaica.

Photo of Dr Evgeniya Kondrashina

Dr Evgeniya Kondrashina

e.kondrashina (

Sounds from beyond the Curtain: Music Recordings and Cold War Relations

Photo of Ka-Hin Tsang

Ka-Hin Tsang

MPhil/PhD student, ICCE
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Experiencing Public Transport in Metropolitan Cities

Photo of Dr Kerry McCall Magan

Dr Kerry McCall Magan

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The Social Life of Cultural Taste in Ireland

Photo of Mahsa Alami Fariman

Mahsa Alami Fariman

MPhil/PhD student, ICCE
malam003 (

The Porous City: A Societal Approach into the Design of the Open City.

Photo of Dr Steven Sparling

Dr Steven Sparling

MPhil/PhD student, ICCE
iep01ss (

Sustainability and Acting Careers

Photo of  Dr Xiao Lu

Dr Xiao Lu

xlu046 (

The Musical Theatre Encounter: The Chinese Consumption of a Western Form of Entertainment

Photo of Debora Alleyne De Gazon

Debora Alleyne De Gazon

MPhil/PhD Student, ICCE
dalle004 (

Shades of Carnival: The impact of education in support of culture led regeneration of Caribbean style carnival.

Photo of Dr Musa Igrek

Dr Musa Igrek

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Book as a form of cultural diplomacy

Photo of Karen Megranahan

Karen Megranahan

MPhil/PhD student
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Arts in Health as a treatment for Substance Misuse

Photo of Gemma Grau Pérez

Gemma Grau Pérez

MPhil/PhD student, ICCE
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Knowledge Transfer in Creative Hubs: A Catalyst for Cultural Ventures

Photo of Jeordie Shenton

Jeordie Shenton

MPhil/PhD student, ICCE
jshen005 (

Substance Use Amongst Working Musicians

Photo of Piyawat Thamkulangkool

Piyawat Thamkulangkool

MPhil/PhD student, ICCE
ptham001 (

Connecting arts organizations and audiences in Thailand: Creating a practical audience centred framework in the Thai context

Photo of João Leiva Filho

João Leiva Filho

jleiv001 (

Access and exclusion to cultural activities in Brazil

Photo of Dalal Leiva Egnem

Dalal Leiva Egnem

MPhil/Phd ICCE

The value of the creative process in the field of cultural management: archiving the development journey of cultural initiatives in Chile.

Photo of Annabel Jackson

Annabel Jackson

PhD by Publication, ICCE and Graduate School

PhD by Publication

Photo of Victoria Tate

Victoria Tate

MPhil / PhD student, ICCE
vtate001 (

Corporate patronage and philanthropy in UK art museums

Photo of Mengci Ren

Mengci Ren

MPhil/PhD student, ICCE
mren001 (

The Application of Integrated Data Analytics in Risk Management of the Film Business: Cases Studies of China’s Internet-Based Film Business Models.

Photo of HyeonSeo Yang

HyeonSeo Yang

MPhil/PhD student, ICCE
hyang012 (

Good and Bad Work in User-generated Video Sharing Platform Service