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Dr Tamsin Alexander

I’m Director of Studies and Head of the Centre for Russian Music. My research focuses on the intersections of music, politics and technology, especially in the 19th century. I have worked on the international spread of Russian opera, considering how, why and in what shapes this repertoire moved. Most recently, that work has been published in Nineteenth-Century Music Review, Cambridge Opera Journal and Musiktheorie. Currently, I’m investigating the ways in which changing lighting technologies shaped musical culture in 19th-century London.

Academic qualifications

  • Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, PhD 2015
  • Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, MPhil 2009
  • BMus (hons), King's College, London 2008

Research interests

Cultural history; sensory history; nineteenth-century musical and audiovisual cultures; opera; transnationalism and cosmopolitanism; music and politics; Russia; France; Britain; Czech lands; music and technology

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

Alexander, Tamsin. 2012. 'An “Extraordinary Engagement”: A Russian Opera Company in Britain, 1888’. In: Anthony Cross, ed. A People Passing Rude: British Responses to Russian Culture. Open Book Publishers.


Alexander, Tamsin. 2023. Cosmopolitan Connections: Yevgeny Onegin as realist drame lyrique in Nice. Nineteenth-Century Music Review, 20(2), pp. 335-357. ISSN 1479-4098

Alexander, Tamsin and Helmers, Rutger. 2023. Tsarist Russia and the Musical World: Introduction. Nineteenth-Century Music Review, 20(2), pp. 253-260. ISSN 1479-4098

Alexander, Tamsin. 2019. Review: Rimsky-Korsakov and his World. Ed. by Marina Frolova-Walker. Music & Letters, 100(4), pp. 733-735. ISSN 0027-4224

Alexander, Tamsin. 2017. Illuminating Gustavus the Third and the Art of Spectacle in 1830s London. Cambridge Opera Journal, 29(1), pp. 33-52. ISSN 0954-5867

Alexander, Tamsin. 2016. Review: 'Wagner in Russia, Poland and the Czech Lands: Musical, Literary, and Cultural Perspectives, ed. by Stephen Muir and Anastasia Beiina-Johnson'. Music and Letters, 97(2), pp. 351-353. ISSN 0027-4224

Alexander, Tamsin. 2015. Review: 'A Musician Divided: Andre Tchaikowsky in his own words'. Music & Letters, 96(3), pp. 491-494.

Alexander, Tamsin. 2015. Decentralising via Russia: Glinka’s A Life for the Tsar in Nice, 1890. Cambridge Opera Journal, 27(1), pp. 35-62. ISSN 0954-5867

Alexander, Tamsin. 2015. Tchaikovsky’s Yevgeny Onegin in Britain, 1892 and 1906: Slipping between High and Low, Future and Past, East and West. Musiktheorie, 30(3), pp. 223-234. ISSN 0177-4182

Alexander, Tamsin. 2014. Too Russian for British Ears: La Vita per lo Czar at Covent Garden, 1887. Tekst. Kniga. Knigoizdaniye (Text. Book. Publishing), 2(6), pp. 30-48. ISSN 2306-2061


Alexander, Tamsin. 2017. Mosolov: Ten Artists that Shook the World.


Alexander, Tamsin; Kondrashina, Evgeniya and Dixon, Gavin. 2018. The Centre for Russian Music: Inside the Collections A Barbican Music Library free exhibition. In: "The Centre for Russian Music: Inside the Collections", Barbican Music Library, London, United Kingdom, 12 January - 27 March 2018.


Alexander, Tamsin. 2015. Tales of Cultural Transfer: Russian Opera Abroad, 1866-1906. Doctoral thesis, University of Cambridge

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PhD Supervision

I welcome applications for PhD projects relating to 19th/20th-century music and musical culture, Russian music, and opera. I have supervised topics on the Soviet classical recording industry, Italian opera in 19th-century London, and Rachmaninov's piano music. I am currently working with students on the production history of Prokofiev's Fiery Angel, and on Jewish composers in the Netherlands under the Nazi occupation.