Dr Jess Aslan

Jess is an educator, composer and performer working in computer assisted music performance and production.

Staff details

Dr Jess Aslan


Lecturer in Music




music (@gold.ac.uk)



Jess is an educator, composer and performer working in computer-assisted music performance and production. She specialises in performance and composition using synths and code. Her work lies in collaboration, and she has been very lucky to work with lots of different musicians from varying genres/communities/spaces.

Her research includes discussion on performance using instruments combined with computers, algorithmic composition, practicalities of computer music and music tech education for all. Currently, her research focus lies in Machine Learning in Mixed music, Music Technology in Education and algorithmic composition and performance.

She runs monthly gigs for live electronic music in New Cross and performs regularly in a variety of contexts. She also holds a fractional post lecturing in music technology at Kingston University.

Areas of supervision

  • Interactive Performance
  • Algorithmic Composition
  • Collaboration
  • Practice-led and Practice-based research
  • Aesthetics of computer music
  • Music Technology in education
  • Music Technology in therapeutic environments
  • Practice Research