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Ben Assiter

Ben Assiter
b.assiter (

Night Moves in a Changing City: Electronic Dance Music Culture and the London Night

Photo of Regan Bowering

Regan Bowering

PhD Student
R.bowering (

Rhythm as a Technology of Feeling: The production/reproduction of Everyday Time in Jazz and Improvised Music

Photo of Shelley Calhoun-Scullion

Shelley Calhoun-Scullion

PhD Student
scalh001 (

Immigrant Noise and the Infrasonic Space of Michigan

Mattia Cobianchi

PhD Student
mcobi001 (

Liveable Listenable Cities: human-centred planning and appraisal of applied soundscape design for an auraldiverse population

Christopher Cook

PhD Student
ccook012 (

Co-composition, sonic ethnography, and the interpretive listening of people with dementia

Camila Corvalán Ocampos

PhD Student
ccorv001 (

Practicing Authority: Colonialism and Western European Art Music in Paraguay

Photo of Christopher Crawley

Christopher Crawley

PhD Student
mu201cc (

Compositional Processes

Photo of Shane Dabinett

Shane Dabinett

PhD Student
sdabi001 (

The Digital Audio Workstation, Techno and Electronic Music

Konstantinos Damianakis

PhD Students
kdami001 (

Sonic Entanglement: Listening to and composing (with) sound and data

Nina Danon

PhD Student
ndano001 (

Developing compositional strategies based on the auraldiversity of Neurodivergent musicians

Michelle Dessi

PhD Student
mdess001 (

The role of music genre in perceived/felt emotions

Simon Fox

PhD Student
sfox002 (

Working Title: Sound & Vision: a practice-based research journey

Joseph Gusmano

PhD Student
jgusm002 (

Subdividing Sound: An Applied Analysis of Microtonal Music

Photo of Edna-Mairi Holywell

Edna-Mairi Holywell

PhD Student
eholy001 (

Does 17th-century opera trope on fate, destiny, love, death, and other topics prevalent in Greco-Roman literature; and are the topics still relevant?

Roger Illingworth

PhD Student

Sound Design for the Opera Composer: Concepts and Methods

Galina Juritz

PhD Student

Sounding Truths: A case study of participant-composed documentary soundtracks among asylum seeking communities in Lewisham

Mui Kato

PhD Student
mkato001 (

Making Popular Music with Artificial Intelligence: Reconsidering the Machine-Human Relationship and Liveness Beyond Recording Technology

Photo of Midori Komachi

Midori Komachi

PhD Student
mkoma001 (

Takemitsu and the Steel Pavilion: Spatial Timbre as a parameter of composition

Hardi Kurda

PhD Student
eu401hk (

Listening for the Found Score: A suggested method for responding to the demand to listen to other senses

Fiamma Mozzetta

PhD Student
fmozz001 (

Beyond Retromania: Reimagining Historical Consciousness in British, Italian, and Argentinian Popular Music

Adam Nee

PhD Student
anee001 (

Prokofiev's Fiery Angel in production. Funded by the Noelle Mann Studentship.

Photo of Tim Parker-Langston

Tim Parker-Langston

PhD Student
tlang004 (

Tim Parker-Langston is studying the Lieder repertoire of composer Fanny Hensel (born Mendelssohn) in a practice research study supervised by Dr Berta Joncus and Dr Pete Furniss.

Artit Phonron

PhD Student
aphon001 (

Improvisation and the Relationship Between the Traditional Dance and Music in Thailand

Bea Redweik

PhD Student
iredw001 (

Beyond the Product: Songwriting as a Generative and Inclusive Space

Laurence Saywood

PhD Student

Enduring Victorianism: Rethinking Pop Music, Working-Class Culture and the Long 1960s

Lee Scott Newcombe

PhD Student
lnewc001 (

Without Beginning, Without End – Devising Tonal Revolutions to Form Temporal Enclosures

Jilliene Sellner

PhD Student
jsell004 (

Beyond Representation: engendering kinship and care through networked collaborative improvisational musicking

John Shanks

PhD Student
jshan002 (

Re-Presenting the Sound of the Past: How Musicians Present Old Music to a Present Day Audience (An Interdisciplinary comparison with history and other arts)

Raymond Sookram

PhD Student
rsook002 (

Paracosmic Multimedia: Video Game Sound, Virtual Worlds, and Imaginary Play

Jeremiah Spillane

PhD Student
jeremiah.spillane (

A study of Django Reinhardt

Photo of Alastair White

Alastair White

PhD Student
awhit055 (

Contingency Dialectics in Fashion-Opera

James Wignall

PhD Student
jwign001 (

Sounding the Post-Electric World

Jiaxi Xie

PhD Student
jxie004 (

Diaspora, Collective Memory and War: Exploration of Music and Sound of the Karen at Thai-Burmese Border

Photo of Janell Yeo

Janell Yeo

PhD Student
jyeo001 (

A Song of the Body: Practical experiments in reframing instrumental art music videos

Slavko Zagorac

PhD Student
szago002 (

Music Composition for Networked Ensembles