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Professor Holly Rogers


Professor in Music. Director of Research; Convenor MA Music (Audiovisual Cultures)



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I am interested in music's convergence with the visual arts.

I am interested in the convergence of music with the visual arts, film, new media, architecture and literature and work on the use of sound in video art, experimental film, social media, documentary and cinema. Threading through all of this is a focus on intermedia, transmedia and participatory culture.

Academic qualifications

  • MA (hons) University of Oxford
  • MMus King's College London
  • PhD University of Cambridge (AHRC funded)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, University College Dublin
  • Fulbright Scholarship, DocFilm Institute San Francisco
  • Senior Research Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin

Teaching and supervision

Taught Degrees
At undergraduate level I teach film musicology and music and screen media. At Masters level, I convene the MA Music (Audiovisual Cultures) pathway, teach the core module and supervise the major projects.

Research Degrees
I welcome PhD applications in any area of audiovisual research and am happy to work with theorists and practitioners.

Publications and research outputs


Rogers, Holly. 2024. Re/Sounding Spaces: Listening Across Audiovisual Culture. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press.

Perchard, Tom; Graham, Stephen; Rutherford-Johnson, Tim and Rogers, Holly. 2022. Twentieth-Century Music in the West. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781108481984

Rogers, Holly; Vernallis, Carol and Perrott, Lisa. 2016. New Approaches to Sound, Music and Media. Bloomsbury.

Edited Book

Rogers, Holly; Freitas, Joana and Porfírio, João Francisco, eds. 2023. Remediating Sound: Repeatable Culture, YouTube and Music. London: Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9781501387340

Rogers, Holly; Freitas, Joana and Porfírio, João, eds. 2023. YouTube and Music: Online Culture and Everyday Life. London: Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9781501387272

Rogers, Holly; Vernallis, Carol; Kara, Selmin and Leal, Jonathan, eds. 2021. Cybermedia: Explorations in Science, Sound, and Vision. New York: Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9781501357053

Edited Journal

Rogers, Holly, ed. 2020. Sonic Scope: New Approaches to Audiovisual Culture, Sonic Scope: New Approaches to Audiovisual Culture, .

Book Section

Rogers, Holly. 2024. “The Shock of Time”: Hauntological Echoes of La Folia in Max Richter’s Woolf Works. In: Delphine Vincent and Holly Rogers, eds. Max Richter: History, Memory, Nostalgia. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols. ISBN 978-2-503-61185-3

Rogers, Holly. 2023. Listening Through Social Media: Soundscape Composition, Collaboration and Networked Sonic Elongation. In: Holly Rogers; Joana Freitas and João Francisco Porfírio, eds. Remediating Sound: Repeatable Culture, YouTube and Music. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 113-144. ISBN 9781501387326

Rogers, Holly. 2023. “I feel like I’ve heard it before”: The Audiovisual Echoes of YouTube. In: Holly Rogers; Joana Freitas and João Francisco Porfírio, eds. Remediating Sound: Repeatable Culture, YouTube and Music. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 1-34. ISBN 9781501387326


Rogers, Holly; Alvim, Luíza and Paiva Chaves, Renan. 2022. Contemporary Audiovisualities, Intermediality and Remediation. Revista Eco-Pós, 21(1), pp. 320-341. ISSN 2175-8689

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Rogers, Holly. 2021. Twisted Synaesthesia.

Rogers, Holly. 2021. Sinestesia distorta.


Rogers, Holly. 2013. Video Art Primer.

Rogers, Holly. 2013. Early Music Videos and the Visual Music Scene.

Exhibition Catalogue

Rogers, Holly. 2015. ‘Colour, Tone and Improvisation: Peter Donebauer’s Musicalisation of Video’.


Rogers, Holly. 2021. Audiovisual Noise in Transmedial Culture.


Rogers, Holly. 2005. Alternative Models of Music-Image Interaction in Film. Doctoral thesis, Magdalene College, Cambridge University

Rogers, Holly. 2000. Beethoven on Film. Masters thesis, King's College, London


Rogers, Holly. 2013. Sound and Vision. Wire Magazine, London.

Professional projects

Along with my colleagues Carol Vernallis (Stanford) and Lisa Perrott (University of Waikato), I edit Bloomsbury’s New Approaches to Music, Sound and Media series, a collection of exciting research monographs dedicated to changing our understandings of sound, image, and their relations across media. I am also the founding director of Sonic Scope: New Approaches to Audiovisual Culture, a student-run peer-reviewed journal published by Goldsmiths Press and MIT Press and edited by postgraduate students from the department. I currently sit on the editorial board for Goldsmiths Press, Routledge’s Music and Visual Culture book series, Bloomsbury’s Ex:centrics book series and Intellect’s journal, “The Soundtrack”.

Conferences and talks

2024: IASPM D-A-C-H, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Keynote Address

2024: Audiovisually Mediated Conspiracy Theoretical Discourse, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Keynote Address

2023: ‘Internet Music’, University of Salford, Manchester
Keynote Address

2023: Italian Musicological Society, University of Bologna, Italy
Keynote Address

2022: Max Richter Conference, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Keynote Address

2022: London Experimental Film Conference, Queen Mary’s University London
Keynote Address

2021: Spanish Society of Musicology, XIII Symposium, Oviedo University, Spain
Keynote Address

2021: The 24th Annual Symposium of Music Scholars in Finland, University of Turku & Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Keynote Address

2020: Like, share and subscribe, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Keynote Address

2019: Dangerous Mediations, University of Oslo, Norway
Keynote Address

2017: Audiovisuality Symposium, Aarhus University, Denmark
Keynote Address

2017: Sound/ Image Symposium, Greenwich University, London
Keynote Address

2017: Graz Impuls Festival, Austria
Keynote Address

2013: Digitized Reality Symposium, Zurich School of Film, Switzerland
Keynote Address

2012: Documentary Film Conference, San Francisco State University, USA
Keynote Address

2010: Institute of Musical Research
Keynote Address

PhD Students

Recent graduates from Goldsmiths include author and filmmaker Adam Scovell (AHRC funded) and composer Sarah Westwood.

My current PhD students are:
• Jilliene Sellner, a sound artist working as part of the Heya collective (AHRC funded);
• Midori Komachi, a sound artist and composer researching the Takemitsu Pavilion in Osaka (AHRC funded);
• Galina Juritz, a composer, performer and filmmaker developing a participatory documentary filmmaking practice (AHRC funded);
• Regan Bowering, an improvisor, musicologist and editor exploring the links between city soundscapes and musical rhythm (Fulbright Scholar);
• Shelley Calhoun-Scullion, a fine artist creating a sonic history of Detroit (DAAD funded);
• Janell Yeo, a professional violinist creating music videos for her performances (Chinese State funding);
• Raymond Sookram, a ludomusicologist researching the idea of sonic paracosms in video games;
• Lee Scott Newcombe, an instrument-maker and composer exploring musical temporality and circularity;
• Shane Dabinett, a media theorist exploring the visual layouts of digital audio workstations;
• Liangchen Sui, a visual artist working on ecosemiotics, acoustics and sound art;
• Márcio Cruz, a filmmaker developing an afro-futurist practice-based research methodology to theorise Black experimental filmmaking.
• Linday Kupser, a musician, writer and artist working on the concept of feminine home-building in the lives and work of women artists.