Dr Holly Rogers

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Position Reader, Chair of Exams
Department Music
Email h.rogers (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7662
Dr Holly Rogers

Holly is interested in the ways in which music interacts with other disciplines and how such combinations are received. In particular, she focuses on the convergence of music with the visual arts, film, new media, architecture and literature, and focuses on the aesthetics of performance space, intermediality and experimental audiovisuality.

Her primary interest lies in the relationship between sound and image in experimental film and video art.  Her first project, Visualising Music: Audio-Visual Relationships in Avant-Garde Film and Video Art investigates the ways in which avant-garde musicians and artists have collaborated to create sonic art (Verlag, 2010).  Her next investigation, Sounding the Gallery: Video and the Rise of Art-Music (Oxford University Press, 2013), which was funded by grants from the Irish Research Board, the Fulbright Commission and Trinity College Dublin, draws together the histories of new music and performance practice with theories of film, the visual arts and architecture.  Other explorations of this area include The Sound and Music of Experimental Film, a collected volume for Oxford University Press co-edited with Jeremy Barham (2017) and Audiovisual Dissonance, a monograph that traces the ways in which experimental music has been incorporated into mainstream cinematic culture (in progress). 

Holly’s other areas of audiovisual interest include the ways that music moves through and between moving image texts: she has edited a collection for Routledge entitled Music and Sound in Documentary Film (2014) and another—Transmedia Directors: Sounds, Images, and The Media Swirl—that explores transmedial modes of storytelling (with Carol Vernallis and Lisa Perrott, Bloomsbury, 2019).  Holly, Carol Vernallis and Lisa Perrott are also the founding editors of Bloomsbury’s New Approaches to Music, Sound and Media series, a collection of research monographs dedicated to changing our understandings of sound, image, and their relations across media.    

Prior to Goldsmiths, Holly taught at University College Cork and University College Dublin, before spending six years at the University of Liverpool, where she was the founding director of the Research Centre for Audio-Visual Media

Academic Qualifications

Holly holds music degrees from St Hugh’s College Oxford, King’s College London and Magdalene College Cambridge (and thus always wins the boatrace…).  Since then, she has held a postdoctoral fellowship at University College Dublin, a Fulbright Scholarship at the DocFilm Institute in San Francisco and a research fellowship at Trinity College Dublin.      



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