Dr Jenn Kirby

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Position Lecturer in Electronic Music and Technology
Department Music
Email j.kirby (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Jenn Kirby

Jenn Kirby is a composer, performer and music technologist. Her outputs include experimental electronic music, contemporary instrumental composition, electroacoustic music and avant-pop.

Her performance work is centred around hybrid instrument design, building software, re-purposing hardware, and processing improvised vocalisations. Her compositional work is often collaborative, working with dancers, visual artists and instrumentalists to design performance systems.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Music Composition
  • MSc in Music Technology
  • BSc in Software Development
  • Certificate in Teaching and Learning Support

Research interests

Jenn's primary research interests are in the application of technology to music performance and composition. This includes hacking old technology and using cutting-edge technologies to find new means of expression in electronic music performance, to develop methodologies for achieving performer agency in live electronic music and utilising audio-visual symbiosis to enhance audience engagement.

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Professional projects

Jenn is the president of the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association.

Conferences and talks

2021: Live Electronics Presentation at ARC
Leiden University Academy and the University of the Arts The Hague. Online.

2020: Live Electronics: Performer Agency and Audience Reception
Presentation at IRCAM Forum 2020

2019: Keynote presentation at {BBC: develop}
BBC Radio Theatre, London

2019: Improvising with technology at HKB Jazz and Contemporary Music Dept.
2-day workshop for postgraduate students

2017: Composing for Laptops
Paper presentation at BEAST FEaST

Grants and awards

2019: The Phonetics Project
Funded by PRS Foundation's Women Make Music

2018: NAWR ANOIS - Culture Ireland
Culture Ireland GB18 Funding for NAWR ANOIS Concert Series. A concert series of experimental music from Ireland, Wales and around the world.