Ian Stonehouse

A trained artist, Ian has worked in film, sound, video and animation and is invested in electronic music research.

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Ian Stonehouse


Head of the Electronic Music Studios




i.stonehouse (@gold.ac.uk)

Ian Stonehouse trained as a fine artist at the University of Wolverhampton with experimental filmmaker Guy Sherwin and painters Paresh Chakraborty & Paul Hempton. He has worked variously as a film, sound, video & animation tutor at the Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton, the University of Wolverhampton and Middlesex University, as well as a freelance sound recordist and film/video editor. Prior to Goldsmiths, he was employed at London Electronic Arts (latterly the Lux Centre for Film, Video & Digital Arts) in Hoxton Square, London, working with artists and film/video-makers such as Jane & Louise Wilson, Gillian Wearing, John Maybury, Gary Hume and many others. He was employed as Studio Manager in the Department of Music in 1999 and, since 2004, as Head of the Electronic Music Studios. He is currently a member of the noise-improv-playback group Rutger Hauser and splinter faction Rutger Hauser Digest.

Academic qualifications

BA (Hons) Fine Art


Creative Music Technology
Sonic Arts Techniques
Creative Research Project
Studio Practice

Presentations and exhibitions

Launch of David Black’s Helen Macfarlane, Red Republican (Unkant Publishers) at the Association of Musical Marxists/AMM#10, Somers Town, London. Group improvisation with Mark Harvey (bass) & Peter Baxter (drums): performing with magnetic tape book, amplified record fragments, book-microphone and cut-up text.

Rutger Hauser; 3rd August 2014, Splitting the Atom, The Green Door Store, Brighton. Band performance.

Rutger Hauser;
15th May 2014, EAVI VII, Amersham Arms, London. Band performance.

Rutger Hauser Digest; 5th May 2014, Clore Ballroom, Southbank Centre, as part of the PureGold Launch event. All day fluxus DJ performance using turntables, cassette players, dictionaries, pens, paper, furniture and other artefacts.

MiE; 16th-19th November 2006, The Space, London. Member of the ensemble performing Catherine Kontz’s new music theatre production.

John Lely & Ian Stonehouse (October 2005); for solo performer with tenor recorder, single-ported subwoofer and 3 sine wave oscillators.

Alvin Lucier: Open Sound Systems ; 16th September 2005, Tate Modern Gallery, London; member of the Open Sound Systems Ensemble, performing John Lely’s White Noise Machine.

Contemporary Music Ensemble , 4th February 2005, Goldsmiths College, London; member of the ensemble performing John Lely’s White Noise Machine.

Esemplastic Tuesdays #19, Royal College of Art, London; 8th February 2003.

MERZ NITE - 25th January 2002; Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Live computer/sound collage as part of a collective improvisation in celebration of the V&A’s collection of work by artist Kurt Schwitters.

The Cutting Edge 2001 - Electric Lives; 29th November 2001, The Warehouse, London.

Soundtrack for
Tacita Dean’s Disappearance at Sea II (Voyage de Guérison) (1997).


NTS Radio 11th July 2014 - live session by Rutger Hauser for Graham Dunning's Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone

BBC Radio 4 Today programme, 5th March 2008 - Autechre and electronic music.

Late Lunch with Out To Lunch : 3rd March 2004; Resonance FM . (Ian Stonehouse & Le Tombeau de Esemplasm –“latest version of Ian Stonehouse’s extraordinary work-in-progress, with appearances by the legendary Gamma, poet John Rety, pianist Tania Chen, Karl Marx on poodles and riverine Thames recordings from beneath London Bridge 2004”).

Recorded works

Frankfurter Ahnung (News of the Esemplasm); Sonic Arts Network CD, curated by Ben Watson (December 2005).

Earshot #4: Journal of the UK & Ireland Soundscape Community (December 2003). Recording included on accompanying CD, Architectural Soundmarks.

Le Tombeau d'Esemplasm . Privately released CD, subsequently withdrawn, re-edited, re-released, withdrawn a second time... (2002/4)

Papers presented

Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios: 40 Years; Dr Michael Young, Dr John Drever, Dr Mick Grierson and Ian Stonehouse. This studio report was presented at the International Computer Music Conference 2008 at SARC, Belfast.

Publications and research outputs


Young, Michael W.; Drever, John L.; Grierson, Mick and Stonehouse, Ian. 2008. Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios: 40 Years. International Computer Music Conference Proceedings 2008, pp. 315-318.


Garrelfs, Iris. 2017. "Listening Wall" at Supernormal Festival 2017. In: "Supernormal Festival", Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

Research Interests

Frank Zappa
Electronic music
Analog and magnetic audio media