Dr Paul Clements BA MA PhD

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Dr Paul Clements BA MA PhD

Paul Clements is a lecturer in arts and cultural policy. He has spent many years working with excluded communities and formerly taught in Adult Education. More recently he has lectured in Higher Education for the Open University, Birkbeck College and Londonmet University covering cultural theory and policy as well as popular culture and community arts. His career has been varied and has included a range of roles and experiences: youth worker, teacher of disturbed prisoners, government interviewer, prison librarian, community musician, visual artist, astrologer and moderator/evaluator for arts programmes. He still works as a visual artist specialising in commissions for healthcare environments and private consumption.

Teaching and Supervision

Research interests

These relate to cultural policy and theory, particularly the relationship between social and cultural inclusion/exclusion, the instrumental use of the arts and how cultural value is determined, also the relationship between individual artists and society more generally. Besides community arts forms and practices his interests also cover popular culture and its articulation with ‘high’ culture. This includes a more general analysis of leisure space and the global impact of mass culture.

Publications and research outputs


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Book Section

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