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Siân Prime


Deputy Director of the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, Academic Lead: Enterprise


Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

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Siân has worked with creative and social enterprises to find financial models to ensure impact and value creation

Siân is a Senior Lecturer, Deputy Director for Goldsmiths’ Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE). She is also Academic Lead: Enterprise for the college. She has co-designed with Adrian De La Court, Synapse, a service that is available to all students (and staff) at Goldsmiths to develop entrepreneurial thinking and potential. She teaches on MA Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship, MA Social Entrepreneurship and has developed a module that supports all Masters student in Goldsmiths to develop their understanding of the practicalities of cultural enterprise. She has been Co-Investigator in to new digital business models and online audience development approaches with Coney and the Department of Computing. She is currently researching and writing collaboratively on the sustainability of creative practice. She was elected to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts 17 years ago, and is Chair of National Ugly Mugs. She has a background in funding and investment.

Research interests

Siân worked with the original Creative Pioneer Team at Nesta (then the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) and was responsible for the content and delivery of The Academy – Nesta’s residential enterprise development programme for highly talented creative graduates to move their creative thinking to founding an innovative business. Through running this programme she understood the difficulties that recent graduates experienced in developing their creative and critical thinking in to entrepreneurial action. She also co-ran a £15million seed fund for Nesta to support the Creative Industries.

She developed the material for Insight Out and Starter for Six which now is delivered without her by Regional and National Development Agencies (Cultural Enterprise Office delivers Starter for Six), and supports the creation of new creative and social enterprises. Siân developed the material with the rest of the Creative Pioneer team for Nesta’s Creative Business toolkit and trained a number of trainers who continue to develop and deliver the work under a Creative Commons licence, for clients including the British Council. She has co-designed kits for Creative Hub Leaders and also continues to develop cultural enterprise approaches globally. She has worked with a range of cultural, creative and social enterprises to find new financial models to ensure strong impact and value creation. As a practitioner academic she is researching in to the culture of business, and how businesses can be formed to reflect and enable people's cultural contexts.

In 2021 Siân won the National Enterprise Educators Award as having the most Inclusive approach to enterprise education.

Publications and research outputs


Hoette, Ruby and Prime, Sian. 2014. Rely on unpaid interns and fashion will fall apart at the seams. The Conversation,

Conference or Workshop Item

Prime, Sian; Turner, Nicola and De La Court, Adrian. 2024. 'Cultural Enterprise and Leadership'. In: Cultural Enterprise and Leadership: Iraq. Erbil, Iraq.

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Professional Activity

Prime, Sian and Turner, Nicola. 2023. Creative Enterprise Forum.

De La Court, Adrian and Prime, Sian. 2023. Sustainable Enterprise London Festival (SELF).

Prime, Sian. 2023. Artist in Residence.


De La Court, Adrian and Prime, Sian. 13 – 31 July 2020 Sustainable Enterprise London Festival (SELF).

De La Court, Adrian and Prime, Sian. 2016. Good Innovation Lab Tools (GILT).


Prime, Sian; Thelwall, S; Musgrave, S; Dexter, R; Kane, D and Newbigin, J. 2020. Devising a Resilience Rating System For Charities & The Non-Profit Sector. Working Paper. Goldsmiths, University of London, Lingfield.

Mees, Annettte; Wright, Tim; Donald, Nicky; Gillies, Marco; Milne, Austin and Prime, Sian. 2015. Coney: Better Than Life. Project Report. NESTA, LONDON.

Professional Activities

Siân has developed skills as a trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant. Siân has worked for Natverkstan and Globalverkstan in Goteborg, IIMB in Bangalore, ITB Indonesia, the GoDown, Nairobi and East Africa region and nationally for the Arts Council England, the Cultural Enterprise Office, Scotland and Comic Rellief’s Tech for Good programme She’s also worked within a number of sub-regions to deliver business advice, training and coaching for social innovation start-ups, creative individuals and organisations, including members of the UK’s Combined Arts Venue Network (including Tyneside Cinema, Watershed and 6 other combined arts/media venues; Metropolis, Beirut and the National Review of Live Art).

Siân has developed and implemented approaches to business advice for creative and social enterprises. She has developed appropriate strategies for value creation, to support the development of entrepreneurial activity.

She has over 20 years experience in working with start-up and mid-stage creatives and social, cultural and creative organisationsShe has developed new programmes and research in to new models of leadership in a socially networked era, and new paradigms of leadership in social enterprises, creative and cultural industries.

She, with Adrian De La Court, developed a blended learning approach to training mentors and curriculum/approaches to mentoring people wishing to develop careers in the creative industries and develop an online support network and learning space. They worked together to train trainers from the Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Italy, ENCATC, Belgium, Denizli Provincial Special Administration, Turkey, the Finnish Museums Association, Finland, RPIC_VIP, Czech Republic , Romatre University, Italy and the Leisure Studies Institute of University of Deusto, Spain.Funded by the European Commission’s Life Long Learning Fund.