Dr Shuo Feng

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Dr Shuo Feng


Lecturer in Luxury Brand Management


Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship


s.feng (@gold.ac.uk)

Shuo studies alternative luxury and alternative ways of living outside of mainstream capitalist consumerism.

Shuo holds a PhD in Marketing from Durham University and an MA in Luxury Brand Management from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her PhD research revolves around understanding how the notion of luxury transforms and adapts to the context of post-consumerism. In doing so, she conducted an ethnography in an intentional community in the UK, which elicited the conceptualisation of 'post-consumerism' and 'post-consumerist luxury'. Shuo's current research focuses on conceptualising alternative luxury and the LGBTQ+ group's migration to intentional communities in China.

Prior to her PhD studies, Shuo worked as a marketing and research executive at a leading marketing and communication company in China’s luxury industry.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, Durham University 2024
  • MA, Goldsmiths, UoL 2018

Teaching and supervision

Research interests

Shuo’s research interest lies at the intersection of critical luxury studies and critical consumer research. Her primary interest is in exploring alternative understandings of luxury. This involves examining how the concept of luxury evolves to adapt to changes in external socio-cultural environments, particularly with the rising significance of sustainability, degrowth, and alternative hedonism. Shuo is also interested in post-consumerism, consumer liminality, interpretive research methods, and researcher-researched vulnerability.

Conferences and talks

2024: In-Between Mainstream and Alternative: Consumers Lives in an Intentional Community
Consumer Culture Theory Conference

2023: “It’s a Luxury to Be Able to Be Home”: Rethinking Luxury in a Dystopian Pandemic
Consumer Culture Theory Conference

2022: The Transformation of Luxury in Post- Consumerism
EIASM 11th Interpretive Consumer Research Conference