Dr Nicolas Hine

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Department Computing
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Dr Nicolas Hine

Nick Hine is an Associate Lecturer in Computing. His vocation is to seek to optimise the fit between technology and people. This has led him to explore fundamental aspects such as how people with disabilities, older people and children can use technology, and what technology can do for them. He has undertaken these explorations in context of education, telecare and rehabilitation technology.

Areas of supervision: Applied computing within the areas of health, disability and education, with a strong emphasis on user experience or human factors.

Until June 2016, he was Head of the Technology at Nash College, part of Livability, a charity providing a variety of services for people with disabilities. This was an opportunity to apply technology to the needs of the students to enable them to engage with the college curriculum and to live with greater independence in the domestic environments, as well as to ensure that staff and students had access to the technology mediated services that they required.

For over 20 years Nick was a lecturer and researcher at the School of Computing at the University of Dundee. Previously he ran a training group that worked with disabled adults to prepare them for the world of work, focussing on the use of ICT. He established the Masters Programme in User Experience Engineering at the University of Dundee.


  • 2001 University of Dundee, Department of Applied Computing; PhD: Towards a Multimedia Communication Service for People with Disabilities
  • 1993 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL), Belgium, Master of Biomedical Engineering, Thesis: Computer Mounted Eye Gaze System as a Terminal Input Device
  • 1982 University of Hull, BSc in Electronic Telecommunications Engineering


At Goldsmiths Nick assists in the 1st year module Responsive Web Design, and the 2nd year Data, Networks and Web and the Software Project modules.

Previously he taught Web Authoring, Computing the User Experience and Database Systems at both undergraduate and Masters level. He established the User Experience Engineering Masters programme at the University of Dundee and supervised undergraduate, Masters and PhD research thesis studies. He has been a visiting academic in Colombia and Paraguay, and taught on the in house MSc programme run at BT’s research labs at Martlesham.

Research Interests

Recent publications

Giraldo, F.D., Hine, N.A., Garcia Giraldo, J-P., Granada Montes, S. and Pineda Olarte, Y. (2014). Applying a software TeleCare prototype in a real old people’s home. Paper presented at MobileHCI 2014 Workshop, Toronto, Canada, 23rd September 2014

Chiappe, A., Hine, N. & Martinez J.A., (2014) Literature and practice: a critical review about MOOCs, Comunicar (In Press)

Hine, N.A., Martin, C.J., Newell, A.F.N. & Arnott, J.L.A., 2012. Forum Theatre as a Method for User Requirement Elicitation for Home Care. In K. J. Turner, ed. Advances in Home Care Technologies - Results of the MATCH Project. Amsterdam: IOS Press, pp. 162–182.

Rodriguez Bohorquez, C., Hine, N., (2009) Media as Medium in Colombian Education: How Media and ICT are Changing Communication and the Curriculum in the School. Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal, 11, 115-123

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