Computing research

We remain one of the UK’s leading institutions for creative code, attracting the finest academics in the field, whilst producing world-renowned research in interaction, creativity and machine learning.​ Many of our staff have creative practices outside of, but frequently related to computing: they are musicians, artists, social activists, and writers. The work we do is significant on the world stage, published in the best journals and presented at the best conferences.

We have branched out to include more core computer science work and interactions with other disciplines. We now have substantial work with medicine, psychology, finance, physics, and mathematics. We are devoted to integrating ideas across different disciplines and world views.

Our research is divided into four very broad areas: Algorithmics, Quantum Informatics & Financial Technology; Data Science; Human/Computer Interaction; Computation and Creativity. Within each of these areas sit subsections, some of which operate as integrated research groups: hosting seminars and events, publishing together and working on grants together.

The Department’s impact on the world takes many forms. Our art and music helps us provide public engagement with science; our position in London helps us work with industries and NGOs; our subject interests help us support medical practice and training.

You can find a complete list of our research projects