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We welcome applicants for higher degrees by research in any of our areas of expertise and interest. Please contact our Director of Postgraduate Research, Akshi Kumar.

Our degrees:

Photo of Andrea Fiorucci

Andrea Fiorucci

MPhil & PhD in Computer Science
a.fiorucci (

Game-based Learning: a Collection of Empirical Studies to Enhance Students’ Engagement, Enjoyment, and Learning in Online Education

Photo of Bryan Dunphy

Bryan Dunphy

MPhil/PhD Arts & Computing Technology
bdunp001 (

Mapping Unrealities: The Development of an Immersive Audiovisual Practice

Photo of Carlos Gonzalez Diaz

Carlos Gonzalez Diaz

MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence
cgonz011 (

Interactive Machine Learning for More Expressive VR Game Interactions

Photo of Esben Sørig

Esben Sørig

MPhil/PhD in Computer Science
esoer001 (

Understanding People and Control Mechanisms in Personalised Assistive Vision Technologies

Photo of Evan Raskob

Evan Raskob

MPhil/PhD Arts & Computing Technology
erask002 (

LivePrinter: an exploration of computationally augmented personal manufacturing using improvisation and livecoding.

Photo of Federico Fasce

Federico Fasce

MPhil & PhD in Arts & Computing Technology
ffasc002 (

Expressive games as language systems: a cultural investigation.

Photo of Friendred (Youhong Peng)

Friendred (Youhong Peng)

MPhil/PhD Arts & Computing Technology
Y.Peng (

Embodied Experience and Agency

Photo of Georgiana Cristina Dobre

Georgiana Cristina Dobre

MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence
gdobr001 (

Using machine learning to generate engaging behaviours in immersive Virtual Environments

Photo of Georgios Bouzianis

Georgios Bouzianis

MPhil/PhD in Computer Science
gbouz001 (

Lévy-Ito Processes and Applications in Finance.

Photo of Gorm Lai

Gorm Lai

MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence
glai001 (

Evolving Animated Fantasy Creatures for Games and VR

Photo of Hadeel Ayoub

Hadeel Ayoub

MPhil/PhD Arts & Computing Technology
hayou001 (

Designing a Sensor-Based Wearable Computing System for Custom Hand Gesture Recognition Using Machine Learning.

Photo of Henrik Siljebråt

Henrik Siljebråt

MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence
h.siljebrat (

Learning structure in time (working title)

Photo of Janet Gibbs

Janet Gibbs

MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence
jgibb016 (

Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence

Photo of Joe McAlister

Joe McAlister

MPhil & PhD in Computer Science
jmcal001 (

Designing digital interactions that encourage meaningful participation in experiential artwork.

Photo of Lucy Strauss

Lucy Strauss

MPhil/PhD in Arts & Computational Technology (CHASE Studentship)

Myo, Myco & Machines: Making and Making with Biological and Computational Materials 

Mohamed Saber

MPhil/PhD in Computer Science
msabe001 (

Machine Leaning and NLP Approaches to Financial Applications

Photo of Mohammad Montazerian

Mohammad Montazerian
mmont003 (

Measuring the human body, with applications to the clothing and fashion industry

Photo of Nima Jamalian

Nima Jamalian

MPhil/PhD in Computer Science
jseye001 (

The main focus of my research is scientific data visualization in virtual reality. There are three main topics that are covered in my research: object interaction, social VR and data visualization in VR.

Photo of Patricia Falcão

Patricia Falcão

MPhil/PhD Arts & Computing Technology
pfalc002 (

Artists, Conservators and Game Developers: A Comparative Study of Software Preservation in Three Domains.

Photo of Pete Jiadong Qiang

Pete Jiadong Qiang

MPhil/PhD Arts & Computing Technology
jqian001 (

Queer Maximalism HyperBody

Photo of Pierre-Francois Gerard

Pierre-Francois Gerard

MPhil/PhD in Computer Science
pgera009 (

A Virtual Architecture Framework for Immersive Learning Environments

Photo of Richard Smith

Richard Smith

MPhil/PhD in Computer Science
rsmit020 (

Predicting the risk of Dementia using Machine Learning

Photo of Sarima Opara

Sarima Opara

MPhil/PhD in Computer Science
sopar001 (

A formal approach to designing personalisable assistive technology for autistic learners.

Photo of Souad Slyman

Souad Slyman
sslym001 (

Games Studies and Human Interaction Design (HCI) and focuses on Simulation Games and Applied Statistics.

Photo of Tara Collingwoode-Williams

Tara Collingwoode-Williams

MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence
tc-wi009 (

Exploring Embodiment in Shared Virtual Environments

Photo of Terence Broad

Terence Broad

MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence
tbroa003 (

Manipulating Deep Generative Models

Photo of Timea Farkas

Timea Farkas

MPhil/PhD in Intelligent Games & Games Intelligence
tfark001 (

Developing Hidden Interaction Solutions to Enable the Use of Adaptive Soundtracks in Accompanying Modern, Narrative Driven Board Games

Photo of Yajuan Han

Yajuan Han

MPhil & PhD in Arts & Computing Technology
yhan005 (

Multiagent: An Alternative Approach to Explore Chinese Female Empowerment through the Gamified Artwork

Photo of Alexander Brigden

Alexander Brigden

PhD in Art & Computational Technology
a.brigden (

Expressive VR Gaming: human-computer-interaction, expression with sound, and game design.