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Photo of Prof Tim Crawford

Prof Tim Crawford

Professorial Research Fellow in Computational Musicology
t.crawford (

Tim has research interests in computational approaches to musicology and music history from the 16th to 18th centuries.

Photo of Robert Hall

Robert Hall

Technician and Lecturer
r.hall (

I work on Physical Computing, 3D Printing and Laser Cutting, but also AV projects and also Live Streaming

Photo of Dr Simon Katan

Dr Simon Katan

Senior Lecturer in Computing Director of Undergraduate Studies
s.katan (

Simon is a digital artist with a background in music and an interest with games and play.

Photo of Andy Lomas

Andy Lomas

Lecturer in Creative Computing
a.lomas (

Andy is an Emmy award-winning computational artist exploring the complex nature of form and the simulation of growth processes.

Photo of Jon McClellan

Jon McClellan

3d Artist and 2d and VFX Compositor, Editor and Designer with over 25 years broadcast and film post-production experience, specialising in 3d modelling, animation, and visual effects compositing, motion design, and vfx editing, with a thorough understanding of the latest digital film workflows.

Photo of Dr James Ohene-Djan

Dr James Ohene-Djan

Senior Lecturer and Assistant Pro Warden
j.djan (

James is interested in digital entrepreneurial studies, social video technologies, and location-based digital services

Photo of Dr Ida Pu

Dr Ida Pu

Ida specialises in probabilistic and average case algorithms, data structures and communications and complexity theory.

Photo of Dr Evan Raskob

Dr Evan Raskob

Lecturer in Physical and Creative Computing
e.raskob (

Evan Raskob wears many hats: interaction designer; audio-visual performer; game designer; educator; software developer.

Photo of Dr Jamie A Ward

Dr Jamie A Ward

Jamie's interests include wearable computing, social neuroscience, and theatre. He is particularly interested in how wearable computing can help to capture and model human activity.

Photo of Jessica Wolpert

Jessica Wolpert

Programme leader for MA/MFA Computational Arts and a Lecturer in physical computing
J.Wolpert (

Jesse is an artist using digital technology to design and build interactive experiences.

Photo of Bruno Zamborlin

Bruno Zamborlin

Honorary visiting research fellow
bruno (

Bruno's research focuses on converting physical objects into interactive surfaces using vibration sensors and AI