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Photo of Dr Freida Abtan

Dr Freida Abtan

f.abtan (

Freida is an artist and composer, primarily working with samples of both musical and non-musical objects.

Photo of Dr Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie

Dr Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie

Visiting Researcher
m.majid (

Mohammed has research interests in face detection and facial expression recognition, cognitive science and AI.

Photo of Dr Edward Anstead

Dr Edward Anstead

E.Anstead (

Edward is interested in human computer interaction, focussing on collaborative group practices with distributed devices.

Photo of Dr Golnaz Badkobeh

Dr Golnaz Badkobeh

Lecturer and Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
G.Badkobeh (

Golnaz has research interests in string algorithms and combinatorics on words.

Photo of Prof Mark Bishop

Prof Mark Bishop

m.bishop (

Mark works in the field of cognitive computing, researching the theory and applications of computational intelligence.

Photo of Dr Tim Blackwell

Dr Tim Blackwell

Senior Lecturer
tim.blackwell (

Tim researches swarm intelligence, social learning, sensor networks, and live algorithms.

Photo of Prof Michael Casey

Prof Michael Casey

Visiting Professor
m.casey (

Michael specialises in audio signal processing and machine learning/pattern recognition.

Photo of Prof Tim Crawford

Prof Tim Crawford

Professorial Research Fellow in Computational Musicology
t.crawford (

Tim has research interests in computational approaches to musicology and music history from the 16th to 18th centuries.

Photo of Prof Mark d'Inverno

Prof Mark d'Inverno

dinverno (

Mark researches the application of intelligent agents in biology, music, art and design.

Photo of Federico Fasce

Federico Fasce

Lecturer and Researcher
f.fasce (

Frederico is a games designer interested in self-care and relationships in game spaces as well as furthering the medium as a form of expression.

Photo of Dr Rebecca Fiebrink

Dr Rebecca Fiebrink

Senior Lecturer
r.fiebrink (

Rebecca’s research combines human-computer interaction and signal processing to allow people to apply machine learning.

Photo of Prof Frederic Fol Leymarie

Prof Frederic Fol Leymarie

ffl (

Frederic works on creativity and AI systems, including robots which can perform artistic skills similar to humans.

Photo of Dr Jamie Forth

Dr Jamie Forth

j.forth (

Jamie is a musician, artist/coder, and interdisciplinary researcher, focussing on music networks and inclusivity.

Photo of Saskia Freeke

Saskia Freeke

s.freeke (

Saskia is an artist and creative coder whose art work focusses on structure, geometry and playfulness.

Photo of Andy Freeman

Andy Freeman

a.freeman (

Andy is a lecturer specialising in digital journalism, data visualisation and digital interactions.

Photo of Dr Betty Fyn-Sydney

Dr Betty Fyn-Sydney

Associate Lecturer
B.Fyn-Sydney (

Betty is a mathematician with interests in group theory, representation theory, and coding theory.

Photo of Max Garagnani

Max Garagnani

Lecturer in Computer Science
M.Garagnani (

Max’s research lies at the intersection of computational and cognitive neuroscience.

Photo of Dr Aaron Gerow

Dr Aaron Gerow

a.gerow (

Aaron is interested in computational social science, network science, text mining, and statistical semantics.

Photo of Michael Ghebru

Michael Ghebru

Associate Lecturer
m.ghebru (

Michael is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and his interest are in learning and teaching.

Photo of Dr Marco Gillies

Dr Marco Gillies

Senior Lecturer / Director of Distance Learning
m.gillies (

Marco’s research centres on how we can create technologies that work with embodied, tacit human knowledge.

Photo of Dr Jeremy Gow

Dr Jeremy Gow

j.gow (

Jeremy’s research asks how can computers understand play and be involved in the design of video games.

Photo of Prof Mick Grierson

Prof Mick Grierson

Director of Research
m.grierson (

Mick finds new approaches to the creation of sounds, images and video through signal processing and machine learning.

Photo of Nicolas Hine

Nicolas Hine

n.hine (

Nick’s vocation is to seek to optimise the fit between technology and people.

Photo of Matthew Hoban

Matthew Hoban

Lecturer in Computer Science
m.hoban (

Matthew is interested in the difference between quantum and non-quantum information and firmly believes that the former is the future of computing.

Photo of Lane Palmer Hughston

Lane Palmer Hughston

Professor of Mathematics
l.hughston (

Lane is a Professor of Mathematics who's interests include general relativity, cosmology and twistor theory, among many others.

Photo of Janis Jefferies

Janis Jefferies

Emeritus Professor of Visual Arts
j.jefferies (

Janis Jefferies is Emeritus Professor of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

Photo of Dr Simon Katan

Dr Simon Katan

Senior Lecturer in Computing Director of Undergraduate Studies
s.katan (

Simon is a digital artist with a background in music and an interest with games and play.

Photo of Dr Rodger Kibble

Dr Rodger Kibble

r.kibble (

Rodger is interested with natural language semantics, intelligent agent theories, and dialogue modelling.

Photo of Prof William Latham

Prof William Latham

w.latham (

William is a designer of computer games and computer artist with expertise in evolutionary art.

Photo of Andy Lomas

Andy Lomas

Lecturer in Creative Computing
a.lomas (

Andy is an Emmy award-winning computational artist exploring the complex nature of form and the simulation of growth processes.

Photo of Dr Dan McQuillan

Dr Dan McQuillan

Lecturer in Creative & Social Computing
d.mcquillan (

Dan is a Lecturer in Creative & Social Computing at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Photo of Matteo Menapace

Matteo Menapace

m.menapace (

Matteo is a technology educator and game designer with interests in the use of games as social interfaces.

Photo of Prof Fionn Murtagh

Prof Fionn Murtagh

Professor of Data Science (part-time)
f.murtagh (

For over 35 years, Fionn has been a leader in the research of clustering and data analysis, computational statistics.

Photo of Dr James Ohene-Djan

Dr James Ohene-Djan

Senior Lecturer and Assistant Pro Warden
j.djan (

James is interested in digital entrepreneurial studies, social video technologies, and location-based digital services

Photo of Dr Sylvia Xueni Pan

Dr Sylvia Xueni Pan

Lecturer in Graphics
x.pan (

Sylvia has extensive experience working in VR researching Virtual Reality technology and social neuroscience.

Photo of Phoenix Perry

Phoenix Perry

p.perry (

Phoenix creates physical games and user experiences and is an advocate for women in game development.

Photo of Dr Helen Pritchard

Dr Helen Pritchard

h.pritchard (

As an artist and geographer, Helen’s works across computational aesthetics, geography and feminist technoscience.

Photo of Prof Jane Prophet

Prof Jane Prophet

Visiting Tutor
j.prophet (

Jane takes an interdisciplinary approach to work in areas of digital art and media, and art-science collaboration.

Photo of Dr Ida Pu

Dr Ida Pu

i.pu (

Ida specialises in probabilistic and average case algorithms, data structures and communications and complexity theory.

Photo of Dr Lance Putnam

Dr Lance Putnam

Research Associate
L.Putnam (

Lance is a composer and researcher, interested in generative art, digital sound synthesis and media signal processing.

Photo of Evan Raskob

Evan Raskob

Lecturer in Physical and Creative Computing
e.raskob (

Evan is an interactive artist whose work investigates live computational and procedural sculpting.

Photo of Dr Christophe Rhodes

Dr Christophe Rhodes

Senior Lecturer
c.rhodes (

Christophe’s interests are musical structure and representation and programming language compilation and environments.

Photo of Dr Sara Santos

Dr Sara Santos

S.Santos (

Sara is a mathematician who loves teaching and engaging the public with mathematics, science and engineering.

Photo of Prof Andrew Shoben

Prof Andrew Shoben

Professor of Public Art

Andrew is an artist working at the cutting edge of computer technology to create innovative artworks in public spaces.

Photo of Dr Daniel Stamate

Dr Daniel Stamate

Senior Lecturer in Data Science
d.stamate (

Daniel’s research interests concern problems and applications involving soft computing and data science.

Photo of Prof Atau Tanaka

Prof Atau Tanaka

Professor of Media Computing
a.tanaka (

Atau researches embodied musical interaction, human computer interaction and gestural computer music performance.

Photo of Prof Stephen Todd

Prof Stephen Todd

Visiting Professor
computing (

Stephen works on the Mutator VR project, finding applications for it in biological visualisation and digital art.

Photo of Patrick Tresset

Patrick Tresset

Visiting Research Fellow
tressetp (

Patrick is a French artist and scientist using “clumsy robotics” to create autonomous and playful cybernetic entities.

Photo of Jamie Ward

Jamie Ward

j.ward (

Jamie's interests include wearable computing, social neuroscience, and theatre. He is particularly interested in how wearable computing can help to capture and model human activity.

Photo of Dr Sarah Wiseman

Dr Sarah Wiseman

s.wiseman (

Sarah’s focusses on human computer interaction, specifically the design of data entry interfaces in hospitals.

Photo of Dr Matthew Yee-King

Dr Matthew Yee-King

mas01mjy (

Matthew interests are in education technology, automatic sound synthesizer programming and interactive music systems.

Photo of Prof Robert Zimmer

Prof Robert Zimmer

Professor (Head of Department)
r.zimmer (

Robert specialises in AI, safety-critical systems, humanities computing, and digital multimedia with applications.

Photo of Alan Zucconi

Alan Zucconi

a.zucconi (

Alan Zucconi is a passionate lecturer and developer, currently working in the intersection between Creativity and Education.