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Professor Jennifer George

Jennifer George is Head of Computing.

She is passionate about inclusion and accessibility and currently working with students and leading the department, school and championing for Goldsmiths to improve student experience.

During her three years at Goldsmiths, she has been either Head of Deputy Head of the Department, led on making the department disability inclusive and taught and supervised students in various areas of HCI.

Jennifer’s research areas include human-computer interaction, theology and the digital world and inclusion and accessibility in learning, teaching and assessments.

She has a keen interest in pedagogy and technology-enhanced learning and was previously academic lead for learning technologies and digital media at Anglia Ruskin University.

Publications and research outputs

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Robertson, Rachel Siow; George, Jennifer and Kuan Johnson, Matthew. 2023. 'Building for Joy in the Digital World'. In: 14th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2023) and the Affiliated Conferences. San Francisco, United States 20-24 July 2023.

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George, Jennifer and Robertson, Rachel Siow. 2023. Designed for Joy? Reflections on the Creation and Use of Digital Technology. Cambridge Papers, 32(1), ISSN 1361-7710

George, Jennifer. 2022. A book review of "The Robot Will See You Now, a book on Artificial Intelligence and the Christian Faith". Ethics in Conversation, 26(3),

Professional Activity

George, Jennifer. 2023. A Round Table: Lasting cultural change in digital inclusion.


George, Jennifer. 2016. A case study of balance and integration in worth-focused research through design. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University

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2021-2022: Joy in the Digital World