Dr Edward Anstead

Staff details

Position Lecturer
Department Computing
Email E.Anstead (@gold.ac.uk)
Twitter @edwardanstead
Dr Edward Anstead

Edward is an Lecturer in the Department of computing. He has been working at Goldsmiths’ since

September 2016. He is the programme Lead for foundation year students.

Edward’s current teaching focuses on software development and using human computer

interaction to understand key principals and issues in computing. He also teaches study skills and

supervises several final year projects.

Academic qualifications

  • BSc Computer Science, University of Leicester, 2005
  • MSc Human Centred Computer Systems, University of Sussex, 2009
  • PhD Many-Screen Viewing: Collaborative Consumption of Television Media Across Multiple Devices. University Of Nottingham, 2016.


  • Introduction to programming
  • Use of computers
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science (seminars)
  • Final year Computer Science projects

Research Interests

His main research interests are in the field of human computer interaction, focusing on collaborative group practices with distributed devices. He is particularly interested in shared media, including television, video and photography. He has also published work on videographic processes and ethical data collection. More recently, Edward’s research has focused on developing auto-graded tools for teaching programming and how these can be effectively administered to students from diverse discipline.

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