Prof William Latham

William is a designer of computer games and computer artist with expertise in evolutionary art.

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Prof William Latham






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A designer of computer games, a computer artist and entrepreneur. Expertise in evolutionary art, graphics, generative art, genetics, and the entertainment and video games industries.

Publications and research outputs

Edited Book

Latham, William and Todd, Stephen, eds. 1992. Evolutionary Art and Computers. Academic Press Inc. ISBN 978-0124371859

Book Section

Antunes, Rui Filipe; Leymarie, Frederic Fol and Latham, William. 2016. Computational Ecosystems in Evolutionary Art, and Their Potential for the Future of Virtual Worlds. In: , ed. Handbook on 3D3C Platforms. Springer, pp. 441-473. ISBN 978-3-319-22040-6

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Salimbeni, Guido; Leymarie, Frederic Fol and Latham, William. 2022. A Machine Learning Application Based on Giorgio Morandi Still-Life Paintings to Assist Artists in the Choice of 3D Compositions. Leonardo, 55(1), pp. 57-61. ISSN 0024-094X

Barbera, David S.; Huckvale, Mark; Fleming, Victoria; Upton, Emily; Coley-Fisher, Henry; Doogan, Catherine; Shaw, Ian; Latham, William; Leff, Alexander P. and Crinion, Jenny. 2021. NUVA: A Naming Utterance Verifier for Aphasia Treatment. Computer Speech & Language, 69, 101221. ISSN 0885-2308

Conference or Workshop Item

Lai, Gorm; Kultima, Annakaisa; Khosmood, Foaad; Pirker, Johanna; Fowler, Allan; Vecchi, Ilaria; Latham, William and Leymarie, Frederic Fol. 2021. 'Two Decades of Game Jams'. In: ICGJ 2021: Sixth Annual International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons, and Game Creation Events. Montreal, Canada 2 August 2021.

Gerard, Pierre-François; Leymarie, Frederic Fol and Latham, William. 2021. 'The Effect of Spatial Design on User Memory Performance Using the Method of Loci in VR'. In: 7th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN). Eureka, California, United States 17 May-10 June 2021.

Barbera, David S.; Huckvale, Mark; Fleming, Victoria; Upton, Emily; Coley-Fisher, Henry; Shaw, Ian; Latham, William; Leff, Alexander P. and Crinion, Jenny. 2020. 'An Utterance Verification System for Word Naming Therapy in Aphasia'. In: Interspeech 2020. Shanghai, China 25-29 October 2020.


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Latham, William; Todd, Stephen; Putnam, Lance; Todd, Peter and Leymarie, Frederic Fol. 2016 - 2020 Mutator VR.


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Research Interests

MSc Computer Games and Entertainment