Alan Zucconi

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Department Computing
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Alan Zucconi

Recognised as one of Develop’s 30 Under 30, he is deeply interested in using new media to bring innovation in Higher Education.

Alan Zucconi is the author of one of the most popular online educational blogs, which helped thousands of developers all over the world to ship their games. 

Following its success, he published one of the leading textbooks in the field of Shader Coding for Unity.

Some of the most recent commercial titles he has worked on include Pikuniku (Nintendo Switch, published by Devolver Digital), Still Time (PS4 & PSVita, in collaboration with SONY) and 0RBITALIS.

He has experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analysis, both from an academic and professional point of view.

Alan Zucconi is also a Video Game STEM Ambassador, with a strong focus on intersectional feminism and the support of underrepresented groups in the game industry.