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Alan Zucconi is a passionate lecturer and developer, working in the intersection between Creativity and Education.

Alan Zucconi is a Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Science Communicator, currently leading the MA Computer Games: Art & Design and the MSc Computer Games Programming courses at Goldsmiths.

Recognised as one of Develop’s 30 Under 30, he is deeply interested in using new media to bring innovation in Higher Education.

Alan Zucconi is the author of one of the most popular online educational blogs, which helped thousands of developers all over the world to ship their games. Following its success, he published one of the leading textbooks in the field of Shader Coding for Unity.

The most recent commercial title he has worked on is Pikuniku (Nintendo Switch, published by Devolver Digital).

Alan Zucconi is also a Video Game STEM Ambassador, with a strong focus on intersectional feminism and the support of underrepresented groups in the game industry.

Academic qualifications

  • MRes, Advanced Computing, Imperial College London 2012
  • BSc, Computer Science, University of Pisa 2011

Publications and research outputs


Doran, John P. and Zucconi, Alan. 2018. Unity 2018 Shaders and Effects Cookbook. Birmingham: Packt Publishing. ISBN 9781788396233

Zucconi, Alan and Lammers, Kenneth. 2016. Unity 5.x Shaders and Effects Cookbook. Birmingham: Packt Publishing. ISBN 9781785285240

Book Section

Zucconi, Alan. 2019. Complete Unity 2018 Game Development. In: Alan Thorn, ed. Complete Unity 2018 Game Development. Birmingham: Packt Publishing. ISBN 9781789952865


Zucconi, Alan. 2023. Understanding the Fourth Dimension.,

Zucconi, Alan. 2023. The Rise of AI Art.,

Zucconi, Alan. 2022. Kalman Filters: From Theory to Implementation.,


Zucconi, Alan. 2021. Exoplanet Catalogue.


Zucconi, Alan. 2023. The Fourth Dimension Is Real.

Zucconi, Alan. 2023. A Guide to ChatGPT.

Zucconi, Alan. 2022. The World Generation of Minecraft.

Media engagements

2019: This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy
An Amazon Prime documentary about deepfakes, and the impact they might have on the world.

2021: BBC Real Story: How dangerous are deepfakes?
An interview about the risks of deepfakes.

2020: Conway's Game of Life
A short documentary which celebrates the 50th anniversary since the first publication of Conway's "Game of Life" on Scientific American.

2020: The "AI" of Creatures
A short documentary about the 1996 game that pioneered Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life.

2022: World Generation in Minecraft
A documentary exploring how the popular videogame Minecraft generates its procedural worlds.