Dr Dan McQuillan

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Position Lecturer in Creative & Social Computing
Department Computing
Email d.mcquillan (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7 078 5302
Dr Dan McQuillan

Dan is Lecturer in Creative & Social Computing in the Department of Computing. He has a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics, and prior to academia he worked as Amnesty International's Director of E-communications. His research focuses on the resonances between forms of computational operation and their specific social consequences, especially in relation to machine learning & AI. He is currently writing a book on 'AI for the People' for Bristol University Press.

Teaching and Supervision

  • Critical Social Media Practices (PG)
  • Ethical Computing (UG)
  • Social Media, Crowdsourcing & Citizen Sensing (UG)

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

McQuillan, Daniel. 2021. Post-Humanism, Mutual Aid. In: Pieter Verdegem, ed. AI for Everyone? Critical Perspectives. London: University of Westminster Press, pp. 67-84. ISBN 9781914386169

McQuillan, Daniel. 2020. Deep Bureaucracy and Autonomist AI. In: Maria Hlavajova and Sven Lütticken, eds. Deserting from the Culture Wars. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ISBN 9780262539432

McQuillan, Daniel. 2020. Artificial Intelligence. In: Martin Parker, ed. Life After COVID-19: The Other Side of Crisis. Bristol University Press. ISBN 9781529215397

McQuillan, Daniel. 2019. Non-fascist AI. In: Maria Hlavajova and Wietske Maas, eds. Propositions for Non-Fascist Living: Tentative and Urgent. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. ISBN 9780262537896


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