Rahul Raj Debnath

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Rahul Raj Debnath


Lecturer in Games Art




R.Debnath (@gold.ac.uk)

Rahul Raj Debnath is a Traditional Fine artist, 3D generalist who gives strong emphasis on storytelling in his works.

Rahul Raj's previous background as a traditional Fine artist and recent industry experience in CG Productions in both game engine and pre-render workflow provides a strong blend of artistry and technology. His focus into storytelling and understanding of art fundamentals makes his work more human and involving. His research interest is to integrate the technical advantage of CG and make mundane experience more attractive.

Academic qualifications

  • Bachelor of Fine Art, (Hons) Drawing & Painting, University of Dhaka, 2018. 2018
  • Masters of Science, (Master's) Animation & VFX, University of Dundee, 2021. 2021

Teaching and supervision

Modelling & texturing
Lighting & Rendering
Soft body sculpting
Animation basics & rigging
Art fundamentals
& Storytelling

Research interests

Integrating entertainment technology like CG Animation, Games, AR & VR into public sectors like health (both mental & physical), education and transport. In addition, exploring different possibilities to make the academic learning experience of CG more relevant to dynamic industry.

Professional projects

'' The Smoker '' (Chilekothar Shepai) Student Film Project for Studio Crimson.
Released in Youtube in 2021with over 1 million + views

Warner Bros. '' Toad & Friends '' in Asset & Lighting department.

Aardman's '' Pop Paper CIty '' as Lighting artist

Another Warner Bros show in pre-development stage and briefly in a Disney+ project