Dr Lahcen Ouarbya

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Position Lecturer (Deputy Senior Tutor)
Department Computing
Email mas01lo (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7717 2263
Dr Lahcen Ouarbya

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

Danicic, Sebastian; Gyimóthy, Tibor; Harman, Mark; Kiss, Akos; Ouarbya, Lahcen and Binkley, Dave. 2004. Formalizing executable dynamic and forward slicing. In: , ed. 4th International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM 04). , Los Alamitos, California, USA: IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 43-52.

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Harman, Mark; Hu, Lin; Zhang, Xingyuan; Munro, Malcolm; Danicic, Sebastian; Daoudi, Mohammed and Ouarbya, Lahcen. 2002. An interprocedural amorphous slicer for WSL. In: , ed. IEEE International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM 2002). Los Alamitos, California, USA: IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 105-114. ISBN 978-0769517940


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Conference or Workshop Item

Grey, Benedict; Ouarbya, Lahcen and Blackwell, Tim M.. 2023. 'An investigation into computational methods for classifying fishing vessels to identify illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activity'. In: The 8th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Applications (ICCIA 2023). Haikou, China 23-25 June 2023.

Rahul, Mohite and Ouarbya, Lahcen. 2023. 'Emotion Recognition Using Artificial Intelligence'. In: ICHLAI 2023: 17. International Conference on Human Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Venice, Italy 3-4 April 2023.

Alfalah, Abdlekrim; Ouarbya, Lahcen and Howroyd, John. 2021. 'Empirical Study of Partitions Similarity Measures'. In: ICCAE 2021: International Conference on Clustering Algorithms and Evaluation. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 20-21 December 2021.

Alharbi, F; Ouarbya, L and Ward, J A. 2020. 'Synthetic Sensor Data for Human Activity Recognition'. In: International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). Glasgow, United Kingdom 19-24 July 2020.

Olaniyan, Rapheal; Stamate, Daniel; Ouarbya, Lahcen and Logofatu, Doina. 2015. 'Sentiment and stock market volatility predictive modelling - A hybrid approach'. In: 2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA). Paris, France.

Mirikitani, Derrick T.; Ouarbya, Lahcen; Tsui, Lisa and Martin, Eamonn. 2012. 'Improving Forecasts of Geomagnetic Storms with Evolved Recurrent Neural Networks'. In: IEEE 10th International Conference on Cybernetic Intelligent Systems (CIS). London, United Kingdom 1 - 2 September 2011.

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