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Robert Hall


Technician and Lecturer




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I work on Physical Computing, 3D Printing and Laser Cutting, but also AV projects and also Live Streaming

I am both a technician and a lecturer at Goldsmiths.
You can always find me hovering around the St James Church in the Hatchlab or in G05(SIML) Space.

Teaching Physical Computing, I help students build installations throughout their time on the MA/MFA programmes, culmintating in large installations created over a longer time in the run up to their Degree Show in September.

When I'm not teaching, I work with Anna Clow in the Hatchlab, making sure the space is accessible, and ready for students to use when prototyping and making work.

When I'm not at Goldsmiths, I'm around London, live streaming events using a mixture of traditional broadcast technology, and creative workflows that make for unique audio-visual experiences.

Academic qualifications

  • BSc Digital Arts Computing 2020
  • Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 2017

Teaching and supervision

In Physical Computing, I help students go from potentially never having seen an arduino before, to creating large scale interactive installations using electronics, code and electromechanical systems.

Professional projects

My work at Goldsmiths regularly informs and is informed by my work with my Live Streaming company B-Side Live. I use the skills I learn working on interactive installations, to come up with new ways of automating the production of live broadcasts. This feeds back into my work helping students make the most of the G05(SIML) space, where the techniques I use for broadcast transfer well into live performance.