Bruno Zamborlin

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Position Honorary visiting research fellow
Department Computing
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Phone +44 (0)20 +393498212982
Bruno Zamborlin

Bruno is an AI researcher, entrepreneur and artist. He is known for his work in the field of human-computer interaction, which focuses on converting physical objects into touch-sensitive, interactive surfaces using vibration sensors and artificial intelligence. In 2013 he founded Mogees Limited, a London-based start-up whose products enable users to transform everyday objects into musical instruments and games using a vibration sensor and a mobile phone. In 2017 he founded HyperSurfaces, a London-Los Angeles based company whose technology converts physical surfaces of any material, shape and form into data-enabled, interactive surfaces using a vibration sensor and a coin-sized chipset.
As an artist, he produces art installations around the world and performs occasionally with UK-based electronic music duo Plaid.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Computer Science 2014

Media engagements

2018: An entire public square in Milan transformed into a giant musical instrument
Public installation for Audi, design week, Milan

Bruno Zamborlin & Plaid - ELEX
Music video (Warp records)

Conferences and talks

2019: TEDx San Francisco
How vibration can turn any object into data-enabled interface

TEDx Brussels
Transforming everyday objects into musical Instruments

Grants and awards