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Georgios is interested in computer vision, machine learning and simulation modeling

Georgios Mastorakis is a Computer Science Lecturer at Goldsmith University. His role involves teaching core CS modules, such as Introduction to Programming, Software Projects and Designing Digital Interactions. He is also the Module Leader for the Introduction to Programming part 1, at the University of London Worldwide BSc Computer Science programme (via Coursera). Georgios applies a personalised teaching approach aiming to create a meaningful learning experience.

Previously, Georgios worked as a Research Associate in AI and Robotics with Prof. Bernardini at RHUL, developing algorithms for self-build robotics, used at various nuclear domains. His main research interests are in image processing, computer vision, machine learning and simulation modeling. His experience extends to a wide variety of areas including autonomous vehicles, human behaviour understanding, visual surveillance, analysis of 2D/3D/IR data, data synthesis and deep learning architectures.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in AI 2018
  • MPhil in Physics 2009
  • BSc in Comp. Sci. 2006