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Prashanth's research focuses on enhancing human-AI co-creativity with generative audio and music systems

Research focus on generative audio technologies for AI presence in VR, gaming, and EdTech.
Course Leader for MOOCs, DSP, and computer graphics.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Human-AI Co-creativity, National University of Singapore 2020
  • MA in Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore 2014
  • BTech in Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Trichy 2012

Research interests

My academic work focuses on developing efficient software solutions for generative audio research in enhanced human-AI interactions, real-time music creation, and deep neural networks. I specialise in human-AI co-creativity in audio/music - that is, in the creation and analysis of AI-based systems that collaborate with humans to produce content and experiences that could not be realised with either working alone. I'm currently focusing on
developing generative audio technologies for enhancing AI presence in VR, gaming, and EdTech.

My skills include programming in both machine learning and web environments to develop integrated ML-powered web apps. My skills in HCI research include human subjects study design, qualitative and quantitative data methods and associated software for statistical analysis and qualitative coding.

Grants and awards

2022: Arts X Tech Grant, National Arts Council, Singapore
Awarded $30k by National Arts Council, Singapore to lead the first music technology project.

Professional projects

Web-API for an algorithmic music generation system to compose harmony from gestures:

System for Human-AI musical co-creativity:

Integrated pipeline to enable users to seamlessly simulate big audio datasets:

COVID-Life, an interactive game based on a 2-D cellular automaton: