Richard Leinfellner

Richard started in the games business in 1980 and has programmed & produced many top ten games.

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Richard Leinfellner is a seasoned Interactive Entertainment Executive with a proven track record of hits going back to the genesis of video games in the 80’s.  He has held executive leadership roles at Electronic Arts, Mindscape, Babel Media and Palace Software delivering titles to critical acclaim and commercial success resulting in revenues exceeding £250m. Games Credits include Barbarian, Cauldron, Shadow of the Horned Rat, Populous 3, Theme Park World, Formula 1, and Battleforge amongst others.

His teaching focuses on the business of making games, practical games design techniques, programming (C++, C#, low level Microcontrollers) as well as the Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4 development platforms.

Whilst he spends a significant amount of time teaching he still keeps his commercial skills sharp as CEO of modulo17 Ltd which consults on technical and business-related projects.

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  • Senior Lecturer University of East London
  • Senior Lecturer University of Brighton
  • Teaching Fellow University of Sussex
  • Lecturer Goldsmith University, module leader Professional Skills, Games Design & Analytics


  • BA Open (Open University 1988)
  • PGCert (University of Brighton 2016)