Dr Jamie Forth

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Position Lecturer
Department Computing
Email j.forth (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Jamie Forth

Jamie is a musician, artist/coder, and interdisciplinary scientific researcher. His artistic research centres around collaborative music and performance making in the context of DIY networks and inclusivity. Jamie's scientific research focuses on the development of computational methods for modelling processes associated with the perception, cognition and creation of music. He has also undertaken post-doctoral work in the field of multi-agent systems and the Semantic Web.

Jamie is also a part-time lecturer at Goldsmiths, teaching in areas of computer music composition, programming and data visualisation. He is interested in supervising projects concerning coding as artistic practice; technologically mediated interaction in live performance; DIY/punk/dance/pop-culture; critical and feminist perspectives in contemporary arts practices; human/animal/environmental rights; and political engagement and activism.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD (Computer Science), Goldsmiths, University of London
  • 2012 - MA (Electroacoustic Composition), City University, London
  • 2004 - BMus Hons (Music), City University, London, 2003

Professional projects

Jamie has recently collaborated with dance artists including Janine Harrington, Clare Daly, and Anders Duckworth, producing fixed, interactive and live-coded sound works for performances at venues including Trip Space, Deptford X, and The Place, London.

As a guitarist and drummer Jamie regularly performs throughout the UK and Europe, and in 2016 toured the US and Mexico.

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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