Omar B Karakchi

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Position Lecturer
Department Computing
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Omar B Karakchi

Lecturer / Module leadership team for Discrete mathematics, Computational mathematics and Mathematics for Computer Science.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Essex, UK. 2017

Research interests

My research interest is in the field of applied mathematics and non linear differential equations. I study the existence and stability of fundamental solitons in a parity time (PT)-symmetric coupler and charge parity time (CP) composed by a chain of dimers that is modelled by linearly coupled discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equations with gain and loss terms.

Publications and research outputs


Kirikchi, Omar and Karjanto, N. 2021. Discrete solitons dynamics in PT-symmetric oligomers with complex-valued couplings. Nonlinear Dynamics, 103(3), pp. 2769-2782. ISSN 0924-090X

Kirikchi, O. B.; Malomed, Boris A.; Karjanto, N.; Kusdiantara, R. and Susanto, H.. 2018. Solitons in a chain of charge-parity-symmetric dimers. Physical Review A, 98(063841), ISSN 2469-9926

Susanto, H.; Kusdiantara, R.; Li, N.; Kirikchi, O. B.; Adzkiya, D.; Putri, E. R. M. and Asfihani, T.. 2018. Snakes and ghosts in a parity-time-symmetric chain of dimers. Pysical Review E, 97(062204), ISSN 2470-0045

Kirikchi, Omar B.; Bachtiar, Alhaji A. and Susanto, Hadi. 2016. Bright Solitons in a PT-Symmetric Chain of Dimers. Hindawi, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2016(951423), ISSN 1024-123X

Sulaiman, Muhammad; Salhi, Abdellah; Selamoglu, Irem and Kirikchi, Omar. 2014. A Plant Propagation Algorithm for Constrained Engineering Optimisation Problems. Hindawi, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2014(627416), ISSN 1024-123X

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