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The Higher Education Achievement Report is a new way to get recognition for your achievements at university

What is the HEAR?

The HEAR is a new type of transcript. It is a record of all of your academic results. You can also use it to gain recognition for the additional co-curricular activities you do alongside your studies.

Why is it useful?

When you take part in activities outside of your degree programme, whether you are a Student Ambassador, write for student media or volunteer, you develop the kinds of skills and experience which employers are looking for when you graduate.

How can I use my HEAR?

Find out how to use your HEAR during and after your studies.

How are my activities recorded on my HEAR?

If you participate in a recognised activity, we will automatically record it on your HEAR as long as you complete the criteria. If you don’t want your activity recorded, just let your activity organiser know.

Activities recognised on the HEAR

Student page

Student page


If you have any questions they may be already answered on our HEAR FAQs.


Stories, news and how to make the most of HEAR at Goldsmiths.

What our students think

"The HEAR puts together all the work you have done in the three years you were here and looking at it after you graduate you might see skills you didn’t see before, skills that might be useful for something you want to do in the future."

Kenny, President African Caribbean Society

"I believe being able to record all of your activities is really important because all of these additional activities help you build up skills that will later on be helpful in the workforce. Sometimes you aren’t able to build up these skills on your course and so this is a nice way to record everything that you are doing and show your potential employer the skills you have gained during your time at university."

Simona, President of Debating Society, Volunteer with CEN8, Student Representative, Gold Award Achiever