HEAR: Awards and Prizes

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Academic Department Awards


  • The Brian Morris Prize


  • The Pat Caplan Prize
  • The Paul Watson Prize
  • The Paul Hendrich Prize

  • The Hamad Butt Award
  • The Nicolas and Andrei Tooth Travelling Scholarship
  • The Neville Burston Award for Painting

  • The Prize for Academic Profile over 80%
  • Best Music Computing Academic Profile

  • Peter Galloway Year 1 Prize
  • Peter Galloway Year 2 Prize
  • Best Dissertation Prize
  • Highest First

  • Commendation for Academic Performance
  • Outstanding Citizenship Award

  • First Year Essay Prize
  • Joseph Prize
  • Christine Swayne Memorial Award
  • Winifred Hyde Prize
  • Hayley Davis Prize
  • English and Comparative Literature Undergraduate Dissertation Prize
  • Bart Moore-Gilbert Postcolonial Essay Prize
  • MA Literary Studies Prize

  • Jim Rowland Purchase

Alexander Ivashkin Scholarship


The Alexander Ivashkin Scholarship is awarded on the basis of demonstrable excellence in musical performance on one of the following instruments; string, wind, brass, percussion, keyboard, guitar, voice. Award holders take leading roles in College ensembles and group music-making, developing leadership and team support skills and perform in a yearly dedicated concert of Ivashkin awardees.


  • Successfully progressed onto the next stage of your degree, and taken the relevant performance modules to be eligible for the award in subsequent years
  • Engaged with a wide range of publicity and promotional activities, as well as playing in a formal concert event during each academic year
  • Taken a leading role in ensemble music making within the Department, whether through Department ensembles or through support for student-led projects
  • Received the award and fulfilled the criteria for continued eligibility across all three years of your degree programme

How do I find out more?

Find out more about the Alexander Ivashkin Scholarship.

  • Alan Little Award for Highest Programme Undergraduate Dissertation
  • Alan Little Award for Highest MA Overall Programme Result
  • Alan Little Award for Highest Undergraduate Overall Programme Result
  • Alan Little Award for Highest Programme MA Dissertation

  • Best Overall Undergraduate Degree Performance Award
  • Best Year 0 Undergraduate Performance Award
  • Best First Year Undergraduate Performance Award
  • Best Second Year Undergraduate Performance Award
  • Best Third Year Undergraduate Performance Award
  • Psychology Summer Bursary

  • The Goldsmiths Sociology Award for Outstanding Academic Work (sponsored by Routledge)
  • The C. Wright Mills Award for outstanding Academic Achievement in Sociology (sponsored by Routledge)
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in a Taught Post-Graduate Degree
  • Award for the Best Written Taught Post-Graduate Dissertation / Portfolio in Sociology

  • Albina Magerl Creativity Award
  • Theatre and Performance Student Project Fund
  • Associate Artist Award
  • Associate Researcher Award

  • Christine Risley Award

Goldsmiths Students' Union

  • Player of the Year
  • Justin Fashanu Award
  • President's Award
  • Captain of the Year

  • Committee Member of the Year
  • Student Media Personality of the Year


Other Awards

Gold Award is a one-year personal and professional development programme increasing students’ self-awareness and developing their key skills including presentation skills, self-confidence and organisation skills. Students must complete 40 hours of work experience or volunteering, attend a set of careers workshops and regularly reflect on their experiences, learning and career development.

Find out more about the Gold Award.


To gain recognition on your HEAR you must have satisfactorily completed the Gold Award in line with the current Gold Award Criteria.

How do I find out more?

Find out more information about the Gold Award or contact Chloe Johnstone, Gold Award Coordinator for more information.


Innovation Award winners are selected through a competitive awards process which includes pitching their ideas to an expert panel. Only a small number of the most innovative, sustainable business ideas win and receive support in the form of finance and mentoring. Students demonstrate entrepreneurship, creative thinking and problem solving, commercial awareness, and presentation skills.


  • Submit an application form to the Innovation Awards by the deadline
  • Get shortlisted, and attend either a workshop or 121 session on preparing for your pitch
  • Pitch your idea to the awards panel on the arranged date
  • Be chosen by the awards panel as a winner of the award
  • Complete the required paperwork at the end of the process, and provide a summary of your business idea for promotional purposes

How do I find out more?

Contact Anthony Crowther, Student Enterprise and Skills Manager for more details.