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HEAR: Academic skills

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Enhance your skills to get the most out of your academic programme

Academic Skills Programme

Academic Skills Certificate

This student has attended a series of skills workshops and completed assignments where they have demonstrated the application of their learning. The transferable skills developed include: effective reading strategies, effective communication in group situations, listening skills, note taking, researching and identifying relevant information, and writing skills.

To achieve the Certificate you need to:

  1. Register your interest by in the Academic Skills Certificate by emailing academicskills (
  2. Complete the Skills Self-Assessment Questionnaire that will be sent to you
  3. Attend four workshops from the Academic Skills Programme
  4. Submit reflective exercises for each workshop 

Activity Organiser: Sian Cannell 

For further information email academicskills (


English Language Centre

Academic English Skills

This student has successfully completed Academic English Skills development: an optional short course which develops skills valuable for the workplace: writing in a clear, concise and persuasive manner, negotiating various writing genres, prioritisation of tasks and managing time effectively, enhancing research and note-taking skills, and developing confident presentation skills.  


  • Completed at least 80% attendance
    Demonstrated engagement by completing tasks set by the teacher

How do I record this activity on my HEAR?

Find out more about the English Language Centre or contact Marl'Ene Edwin, Centre Manager.


PAL Leader


Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is an international model for peer-led learning called Supplemental Instruction. PAL Leaders are trained to facilitate in pairs. PAL Leaders deliver a weekly 50 minute session for under 20 students and attend regular debrief sessions with PAL staff. Leaders develop skills including communication, time management, leadership, teamwork, group dynamics and facilitation.


  • Be available to attend a 1.5 hour briefing in May
  • Be available to attend 2 days of training in June
  • Provide 20 hours of face to face study sessions across the academic year (primarily in autumn and spring terms)
  • Participate in session preparation prior to and debriefings following PAL sessions
  • (To become a PAL Leader you must have achieved 40% or above in all modules required to proceed into year 2 of your studies.)

How do I find out more?

Find out more about the PAL scheme or contact the Learning Support Coordinator (PALs).

Funding: PAL Leaders recieve a bursary as part of this activity

Rachel Stockey

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