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The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) is a charity committed to the education and training of journalists, editors and researchers towards critical in-depth reporting and defence of the public interest.

The CIJ provides and facilitates the education of the public and the community in the craft, culture and methodology of journalism, for the benefit of public integrity, accountability and an informed body politic.

To achieve this, we provide a centre of excellence in practical expertise and in-depth research resources for journalists, researchers, non-governmental organisations, graduate students and others interested in high standards of factual accuracy, fairness, ethics and professionalism. 

Through public fora, the provision of educational resources in history, politics, economics, health and environmental protection, government and the publication and dissemination of educational material, lectures, research, and hands-on training the CIJ assists journalism educational programmes across the UK and abroad.

The CIJ offers particular assistance to those working in difficult environments where freedom of the press is under threat and where reporting can be a dangerous occupation.

The founders and directors of the CIJ are motivated by a strong commitment to the principles of social justice, human rights, whistleblowing and the protection of the environment.

The key event in the CIJ calendar is the annual Summer School, formerly held at City University London and from 2014 held at Goldsmiths, University of London. Since its inception the school has attracted over 1000 journalists from 35 countries including Iraq, China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and Serbia.

You can now watch all of Centre for Investigative Journalism's recorded sessions on the CIJ YouTube channel.

Events and Courses

#CIJSummer Investigative Journalism Conference 2017

Thursday 22 June 2017 - Saturday 24 June 2017, Goldsmiths, University of London

How to Fact-check 'Alternative Facts'
The CIJ Summer Conference is UK’s only investigative journalism training event with an emphasis on teaching investigative skills. This year we will focus on the skills needed to counteract the world of 'alternative facts' and plain lies: from fBeastact checking, holding the strong and powerful to account to grassroots journalism projects with hands-on classes, case studies and talks.

Keynote Speakers:

Anabel Hernández -
is a Mexican journalist who has confronted head-on – at significant personal risk to her and her family – corruption and the narcotics trade in Mexico. She will deliver the inaugural Gavin MacFadyen Lecture.

Michelle Ye Hee Lee -
is a reporter at The Washington Post's famous Fact Checker. 'Been fact-checking before it got cool'.

Peter Pomerantsev -
is the author of Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: Adventures in Modern Russia. He contributes to the London Review of Books, Financial Times,, Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, Daily, Newsweek, and Atlantic Monthly.

How to fight 'Alternative Facts'? - a panel discussion with

Jessikka Aro (A Finnish journalists who investigated Russian internet trolls),
Jasper Jackson (Assistant Media Editor of The Guardian),
Alastair Reid (journalist, formerly from First Draft News), others - TBC.
Chaired by Dr Yemisi Akinbobola (Birmingham School of Media).

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#CIJSummer Timetable 2017
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