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Photo of Daisy Asquith

Daisy Asquith

Senior Lecturer, MA Filmmaking (Screen Documentary)
d.asquith (

Daisy is a documentary filmmaker with 20 years’ experience making films for the BBC, Channel 4 and the BFI.

Photo of Dr Veronica Barassi

Dr Veronica Barassi

v.barassi (

Veronica’s research investigates web structures and everyday practices of human negotiation and resistance.

Tracy Bass

Senior Lecturer, MA Filmmaking, Producing
t.bass (

An independent producer, Tracy has won international awards and a BAFTA nomination for her film CARE.

Photo of Ceiren Bell

Ceiren Bell

Lecturer in Stop Motion Animation
c.bell (

Ceiren’s research interests are animation as creative performance and its relevance to investigations of loss and exile.

Photo of Dr Josephine Berry

Dr Josephine Berry

Research Lab Lecturer, MA Culture Industry
j.berry (

Josephine has interests in the creative economy and the relationship between creativity, life and power.

Photo of Professor Lisa Blackman

Professor Lisa Blackman

Professor in Media and Communications
l.blackman (

Lisa works at the intersection of body studies, media and cultural theory, particularly subjectivity and embodiment.

Arnold Borgerth-Filho

Associate Lecturer
a.borgerth.filho (

Since 1980, Arnold has been working in three different areas of photography and teaches on the image and electronic arts.

Photo of Dr Clea Bourne

Dr Clea Bourne

Senior Lecturer, Promotional Media
c.bourne (

Clea’s main research interest is in financial markets and how they are mediated in global and local discourses.

Photo of Dr James Burton

Dr James Burton

Lecturer in Cultural Studies and Cultural History
j.burton (

James examines areas of cultural theory, science fiction, post-humanism, ecology and theories of fiction.

Photo of Dr Louise Chambers

Dr Louise Chambers

Associate Lecturer
l.chambers (

Louise researches psychology, individuals and mass media, particularly regarding gender, sexual orientation and disability.

Photo of Professor Sue Clayton

Professor Sue Clayton

Professor of Film and Television, Director of Screen School
s.clayton (

Sue is a UK feature film director, writer and composer. She has written and directed features, shorts and documentaries.

Photo of Professor Tim Crook

Professor Tim Crook

Professor in Media and Communications
t.crook (

Tim has broad interests, from international media law and ethics to the dramaturgy of espionage and spy fiction.

Photo of Professor Sean Cubitt

Professor Sean Cubitt

Professor of Film and Television
s.cubitt (

Sean teaches and writes about the history and philosophy of media, environmentalism and media technologies.

Photo of Professor James Curran

Professor James Curran

Professor of Communications
j.curran (

James’ work falls into two linked areas: media history and media political economy.

Photo of Professor Aeron Davis

Professor Aeron Davis

Professor of Political Communication
aeron.davis (

His research merges elements of political communications, economic sociology, cultural economy and financialization.

Photo of Professor Tony Dowmunt

Professor Tony Dowmunt

t.dowmunt (

Tony’s work has involved arts documentaries, alternative/community media and practice research in the moving image.

Photo of Alice Dunseath

Alice Dunseath

Lecturer in Animation
a.dunseath (

A lecturer in animation, Alice teaches electronic graphics, animation and on digital moving image.

Photo of Professor Natalie Fenton

Professor Natalie Fenton

Professor of Media and Communications
n.fenton (

Natalie’s research addresses a complex issue of our age - the role the media plays in the formation of identities.

Professor Marianne Franklin

Professor of Global Media & Politics
m.i.franklin (

Marianne explores issues arising from internet technologies that collude and collide with society and culture.

Photo of Professor Des Freedman

Professor Des Freedman

Professor of Media and Communication Studies
d.freedman (

Des Freedman is interested in media and power together with media policymaking, regulation and reform.

Photo of Matthew Fuller

Matthew Fuller

Professor of Cultural Studies
m.fuller (

Matthew is involved in a number of projects in art, software and media ecology and has written on media theory.

Photo of Bill Gabbett

Bill Gabbett

Associate Lecturer
b.gabbett (

Bill’s interests include the history of mass media and media representations of the Empire and its decline.

Becky Gardiner

Senior Lecturer
b.gardiner (

Becky has been a journalist since 1990, working mainly as an editor in both print and digital media.

Photo of Dr Vana Goblot

Dr Vana Goblot

Associate Lecturer
v.goblot (

Vana has examined issues of television quality, cultural value and television archive in the digital, multiplatform age.

Photo of Dr Graham Harwood

Dr Graham Harwood

Reader in Critical Technical Practice, Convenor of MA Digital Culture/Computational Media
g.harwood (

Graham's work uses art as a mode of enquiry into technical objects in fields of health, war, oceans and death.

Photo of Bruce Ingman

Bruce Ingman

Convenor, MA Children's Literature: Children's Illustration pathway
b.ingman (

Bruce is a writer and illustrator of children’s literature with interests in picture books and graphic novels.

Photo of Professor Sarah Kember

Professor Sarah Kember

Professor of New Technologies of Communications
s.kember (

Sarah focusses on the future of publishing, digital media, smart media, feminist science and technology studies.

Photo of Gholam Khiabany

Gholam Khiabany

Reader in Media and Communications
g.khiabany (

Gholam studies the relationship between citizenship, political activism and media and cultural practices.

Photo of Andrew Kingham

Andrew Kingham

Senior lecturer in Interactive Media and Illustration
a.kingham (

Andrew works across the areas of illustration, animation, interactive media, photography and graphic design.

Terry Kirby

Senior Lecturer
t.kirby (

A former Birmingham Post news editor, Terry convenes the MA Journalism and writes a column for the Independent.

Photo of Tassia Kobylinska

Tassia Kobylinska

Lecturer in TV, Senior Tutor
t.kobylinska (

Tassia is a filmmaker who has produced and directed documentaries for a range of NGOs and INGOs worldwide.

Photo of Ellie Levenson

Ellie Levenson

e.levenson (

A practising journalist, Ellie has written for the Guardian, Independent, Financial Times and the News Statesman.

Photo of Linda Lewis

Linda Lewis

Senior Lecturer, Programme Convenor MA in Television Journalism
linda.lewis (

Linda is an award-winning broadcaster has worked in TV, radio, print and online, spending over 20 years with BBC news.

Photo of Jacob Love

Jacob Love

Lecturer (

Jacob is an artist of photography, film, installation and dance, focussing on photography when encountered by bodies.

Photo of Dr. Richard MacDonald

Dr. Richard MacDonald

Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications
r.macdonald (

Richard’s teaching and research are concerned our relationship to media screens as material and social objects.

Photo of Mirca Madianou

Mirca Madianou

m.madianou (

Mirca's research examines the social uses and consequences of communication technologies in a transnational context.

Photo of Gerry McCulloch

Gerry McCulloch

Head of Production, MA Filmmaking
g.mcculloch (

Gerry utilise the lack of commercial controls in education as a creative opportunity for student filmmakers.

Photo of Professor Angela McRobbie

Professor Angela McRobbie

Professor of Communications
a.mcrobbie (

An elected Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Angela has provided a feminist critique of the fashion industry.

Photo of Dr Liz Moor

Dr Liz Moor

Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications
l.moor (

Liz's research examines the role of communication in economic life, focussing on brands and the design industry.

Photo of Dr Rachel Moore

Dr Rachel Moore

Lecturer in International Media
r.o.moore (

Rachel's research covers early film history and theory, specifically the historical and contemporary avant-garde.

Photo of Professor David Morley

Professor David Morley

Professor of Communications
d.morley (

David's research spans questions of media technologies constituting the 'electronic landscapes' within which we live.

Photo of Kate Morris

Kate Morris

Lecturer in Journalism
k.morris (

Kate is a news journalist with over 15 years' experience on local, regional and national publications.

Photo of Hung Nguyen

Hung Nguyen

Lecturer in Digital Journalism
h.nguyen (

Hung specialises in digital content strategy and has worked for the BBC attracting millions of audience members.

Photo of Damian Owen-Board

Damian Owen-Board

d.owen-board (

Damian is an artist working in photography, video and installation, exhibiting work in the UK and internationally.

Photo of Dr Luciana Parisi

Dr Luciana Parisi

Reader/Convenor of PhD Cultural Studies
l.parisi (

Luciana chair's the PhD in Cultural Studies and her research draws upon aesthetics, culture, politics and technology.

Photo of Nigel Perkins

Nigel Perkins

Lecturer in Communications
n.perkins (

Nigel co-ordinates undergraduate courses and produces photography and video for clients and exhibitions internationally.

Photo of Dr Anamik Saha

Dr Anamik Saha

Lecturer in Media, Communications and Promotion
a.saha (

Anamik's research interests are in 'race' and its place in cultural industries and cultural production.

Photo of Dr Shela Sheikh

Dr Shela Sheikh

Lecturer, Convenor MA Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy
shela.sheikh (

Shela's research draws on continental philosophy, post- and de-colonial studies, and environmental humanities.

Photo of Dr Richard Smith

Dr Richard Smith

Senior Lecturer
r.w.smith (

Richard explores media representations of black and Asian troops within multicultural memory and commemoration processes.

Photo of Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Senior Lecturer
r.smith (

Robert is a filmmaker who has worked as a producer, director, cameraman and story editor.

Photo of Dr Gareth Stanton

Dr Gareth Stanton

Senior Lecturer in Communications
g.stanton (

Gareth is currently working on questions of world cinema, media and politics and environmental change.

Photo of Dr Dan Strutt

Dr Dan Strutt

d.strutt (

Dan's work straddles the academic fields of post-cinematic media and the creative economy.

Photo of Professor Couze Venn

Professor Couze Venn

Part-time Professor
c.venn (

His current research concerns the search for post-capitalist alternatives to neoliberal capitalism and climate crises.

Photo of Dr Marina Vishmidt

Dr Marina Vishmidt

Convenor, MA Culture Industry
m.vishmidt (

Marina's work examines the relationship of art, value and labour, with emphasis on financialisation and subjectivation.

Milly Williamson

Senior Lecturer
milly.williamson (

Milly's interest is the relationship between the media and citizenship and the means by which groups are marginalised.

Photo of Professor Joanna Zylinska

Professor Joanna Zylinska

Professor of New Media and Communications, Co-Head of Department
j.zylinska (

Joanna writes on new technologies and new media, combining philosophical writings with photographic art practice.