Professor Angela Phillips

Angela has forty years' experience as a journalist and successfully launched the local news site EastLondonLines.

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Professor Angela Phillips


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Media, Communications and Cultural Studies


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Angela Phillips teaches journalism and journalism studies and is active in journalism research. She established the MA Journalism, MA Digital Journalism and initiated the joint honours BA Journalism in conjunction with the Department of Computing.

In 2009, she launched EastLondonLines a local, multi-media, news website that is run by Goldsmiths students and has a significant local audience. She was a journalist for over forty years, training initially as a photographer, and she worked for several years as a photojournalist before moving into print for national newspapers and magazines with occasional forays into TV and radio.

Her research interests cover: news audiences democracy and journalism, ethics, working practices, the changing audience for news and changing news consumption behaviour.  She worked with the Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre and was one of the founders of the Media Reform Coalition.  She gave verbal evidence to the Leveson enquiry into the press.


Convenor of Journalism in Context which considers journalism theory from the position of practice.

Featured work

Conference Papers and Seminars

  • On bubbles and streams: news audiences in the era of social media. Inaugural Lecture, Goldsmiths 2016
  • Can trust in traditional news media explain differences in news exposure of young people online? at the 2015 IAMCR Conference Montreal, Canada
  • Beyond the platform: Young people's news engagement in a social networking society, 2015 IAMCR Conference Montreal, Canada
  • Deep and narrow or shallow and wide: a comparative study of how young people find news via social media. Future of Journalism Conference, Cardiff 2015
  • Changing Journalism/Reclaiming the News, Leverhulme conference, Senate House, London April 3rd 2012
  • Speed, Quality and Sociability: the changing practice of live news reporting Future Journalism Conference, Cardiff 2011
  • Paper for Trust, Truth, and Performance: Diverse Journalisms in the 21st Century, University of Groningen, December 2009
  • Transparency and the new ethics of journalism, paper for Future of Journalism Conference, Cardiff 2009
  • Old Sources: New Bottles: panel speaker, ECREA, Barcelona 2008
  • New Media, Old News: Journalism and Democracy in a Digital Age Seminar, British Academy, 19 November 2008
  • Media Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC), Jönköping Business School, Sweden in April 2008
  • Who speaks: panel speaker IAMCR, Paris July 2007
  • Ourselves and Our Others, ICA conference, San Francisco, May 2007
  • Speaker, Shanghai University conference on journalism training, Shanghai, December 2006

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

Eide, Elizabeth; Kunelius, Risto and Phillips, Angela, eds. 2008. Transnational Media Events: The Mohammed Cartoons and the Imagined Clash of Civilizations. Gotenburg: Nordiskt Informationscenter. ISBN 978-9189471641

Book Section

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Research Interests

News audiences, journalism ethics, journalism working practices.