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Marcela works on the geo/politics, economics and history of news media around the world.

Marcela Pizarro Coloma has worked as a journalist in international news and filmmaking for over 20 years. She began at the Associated Press and then went on to work at Al Jazeera English, most notably at The Listening Post, the channel’s media critique show. She has focused on the political economy, geopolitics and culture of the news media around the world. Her long form reports, documentaries and animations look at issues of race, gender and class and much of her work has been dedicated to histories of journalism in the Global South.
Marcela has produced shows on the Middle East since the 2011 Arab Uprisings, Latin America’s media revolutions past and present, the rise of far right populist discourse across the world and the legacies of colonialism in legacy media.
Marcela completed her AHRC funded PhD in 2004 at the University of London. Her thesis focused on the work of one of Latin America’s most important cultural theorists, Nelly Richard.

Academic qualifications

  • Phd 2004

Teaching and supervision

Marcela is interested in research on the geo/politics of international news, the cultural history of media in the global south, the politics of representation in legacy media and beyond as well as scholarship on histories of independent news production around the world.

Research interests

Marcela's main areas of research and practice focus on journalism and theory in the Global South. She is completing a series entitled: Race Historicised: Epistemologies of Colour - a series of animations showcasing key thinkers in the Black radical tradition. She has recently worked on a documentary Mapuche and the Myth of Chile broadcast on Al Jazeera English. She is principal investigator at Northwestern University Qatar for the Journalistic Role Performance project - a cross-national, theory-driven endeavor to systematically analyze the state of journalistic cultures in the new media landscape across the world.

She directed the award-winning “Media Theorised: Reading Against the Grain”: an interactive online animation project showcasing the work of key thinkers on the media. Stuart Hall, Edward Said, Roland Barthes, Marshall McLuhan and Noam Chomsky. She has also produced films chronicling journalism’s literary and aesthetic histories globally: an archived based documentary on cinema newsreels shown during the height of Cuban Revolution, the New Journalism of Tom Wolfe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s literary journalism, political satire, news typography, reality TV for a global audience.

Professional projects

"Why we still need to talk about Chile’s El Mercurio and the CIA" Al Jazeera English, 2019
Documentary on the coverage and CIA funding of the paper that supported the 1973 Chilean coup and the following dictatorship.

"History through Cuban eyes", Al Jazeera English, Director.

Archive based documentary on Cuba's revolutionary news reel.

Radio La Colifata: Argentina’s ‘loony radio’

Mental patients broadcast around the world from an Argentine mental asylum.

Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent revisited,

A Listening Post special marking 30 years since the publication of Manufacturing Consent and its relevance today.

Wrote and directed:

Media Theorised: Reading against the grain.