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Position Reader in Critical Technical Practice
Email g.harwood (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7717 2267
Dr Graham Harwood

The artist group YoHa (Graham Harwood, Mastuko Yokokoji) are exponents of a form of Critical Technical Practice that is informed by pedagogy, collaborations and tinkering practice. YoHa’s work involves the use of art as a mode of enquiry into technical objects most recently within the fields of health, war, oceans and death.

The space of YoHa’s inquiry is usually populated by an interconnection of technical objects and other kinds of bodies as in a clinic, hospital, battlefield or at sea. The focus of this enquiry is where the flows of power can be reconfigured by the ambiguity of art, not necessarily to make art but to make use of it within a wider enquiry.

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

Fuller, Matthew and Harwood, Graham. 2016. Abstract Urbanism. In: Rob Kitchin and Sung-Yueh Perng, eds. Code and the City. Routledge. ISBN 978-1138922112

Art Object

Harwood, Graham and Yokokoji, Matsuko. 2015. Database Addiction.


Fuller, Matthew and Harwood, Graham. 2010. Requiem for Cod.


Harwood, Graham; Yokokoji, Matsuko and Demars, Jean. 2009. Coal-Fired Computers. In: "AV Festival 10", Newcastle, United Kingdom, 12-14 May.

Harwood, Graham; Yokokoji, Matsuko and Wright, Richard. 2008. Tantalum Memorial. In: "2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge 2008", California State University, 2008-11.

Harwood, Graham. 2006. Telephone Trottoire (Congolese for "Pavement Radio"). In: "Telephone Trottoire (Congolese for "Pavement Radio")", NODE London, United Kingdom, 3/27/2006 - 5/8/2006.

Harwood, Graham. 2005. Lung: Slave Labour. In: "Lung: Slave Labour", ZKM, Karslruhe, Germany, 3/20/2005 - 10/3/2005.

Harwood, Graham. 2004. Perl poetry projects: London.pl, War.pl. In: "Social Capital – Forms of Interaction", CUNY Graduate Center, New York, United States, 5/20/2004 - 6/24/2004.

Fuller, Matthew and Harwood, Graham. 2002. Text FM. In: "Text FM", Vienna Public Square, Mariahilferstrasse, Institute for New Culture Technologies, Vienna/Austria, Austria, 1/15/2002 - 5/30/2002.


Harwood, Graham. 2002. Nine(9) Social Software Research Programme.

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