Dr Clea Bourne

Staff details

Position Senior Lecturer, convenor of the MA in Promotional Media: Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing
Email c.bourne (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7630
Twitter bourne_clea
Dr Clea Bourne

I am the convenor of the MA Promotional Media: Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing. I also convene the Heretical Finance Reading Group, which meets first Mondays of the month at Goldsmiths’ Political Economy Research Centre.

Research Interests

My broad research interests lie in the different ways that 21st century economies are strategically communicated and mediatised through various actors, practices and discourses. This research interest has translated into the following themes:

  • Naturalising Artificial Intelligence in everyday life: Situating Artificial Intelligence as a ‘re-boot’ to neoliberal narratives, naturalised as ‘common sense’ through visuals and texts.
  • Communicating Trust in Financial Markets: Locating wholesale, retail and state financial markets in the context of globalisation and critical discourse. 
  • Promotional professions as discursive boundary work: Applying sociological approaches to explore professional identity and boundary work at the intersection of the PR, Advertising and Marketing professions.

Areas of supervision

I am interested in supervising doctoral work which explores strategic efforts to communicate economic, financial and market developments. I am also interested in supervising research exploring the effect of media convergence and digital technologies on the PR, advertising and marketing sectors.



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Book Section

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