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Position Lecturer in Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Studies
Email s.cefai (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Sarah Cefai

Dr Sarah Cefai joined the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies in 2019. Sarah is a Lecturer in Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Studies, specialising in affect studies vis-à-vis the critical and social epistemologies of feminism, queer theory and cultural studies. Prior to Goldsmiths, Sarah taught at the London College of Communication (UAL) (2017-18), the University of Surrey (2016-17) and the London School of Economics (2014-16). Sarah’s research concerns the relations between cultural politics, affective social forms, and the ordinary aesthetic textures of everyday life. Sarah is a neurodiverse scholar.

Sarah’s current research projects investigate separately and in relation the affective structures of cultural feminism and humiliation. Drawing on the experience of being an intermittent student and teacher of feminist theory over the course of 20 years, Sarah’s first manuscript Exit Wounds of Feminist Theory will be a short-form enquiry into the pedagogy of attachment that underlies feminist theory. Taking up the metaphor of the exit wound—the mess made by the object leaving the body—Exit Wounds reconsiders formative questions of feminist epistemology via a transversal exposition of the conceptual and affective forms of feminist thinking-feeling that accrue in specific cultural sites. Exit Wounds folds the outside of feminism’s affective residues into an account of feminism’s various lived embodiments and temporalities.

Sarah’s first monograph in preparation seeks to explain how humiliation has become a preeminent affective structure at home, work and play. Drawing on philosophy, social science, media and cultural studies, Humiliation excavates the various social, cultural, technological and embodied dimensions of humiliation’s form and force within the everyday. Analysing examples that range from the TV crime drama series to digital media feminisms, this work shows how humiliation shapes and is shaped by genre, social stratification, the ethical and moral imperatives of social belonging, and the media and communications data revolution in feeling. Sarah's initial work on humiliation is forthcoming in New Media & Society.

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Sarah contributes to the MA Gender, Media & Culture core module ‘Gender, Affect and the Body’. She also supervises dissertations on a range of MA programmes in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies.

Areas of supervision

Sarah welcomes applications from prospective PhD candidates who are interested in developing projects in the following areas:

  • Affect studies
  • Cultural studies
  • Feminist and queer theory in the context of media cultures
  • Intimacy



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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Cefai, Sarah. 2011. 'The Racialisation of Feeling in the Northern Territory’s Aboriginal Australia: Anger and Aboriginal Contact with the Law'. In: Directions and Intersections: Proceedings of the 2011 Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association and Indigenous Studies Research Network Joint Conference. Surfers Paradise, Australia 7-9 December 2011.


Cefai, Sarah and Couldry, Nick. 2016. Analysing 'Media Lives': Time, Change and Dynamics of Media Literacy. Documentation. London School of Economics, London.