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Media, Communications and Cultural Studies


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Catherine's research investigates the convergence of feminism and neoliberalism as well as the politics of care

Before coming to Goldsmiths, I was a faculty member in the Department of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham. I began my academic life as a literary scholar but over the past decade have moved decidedly into the realm of media, communications and cultural studies. In all of my work, I have been concerned with trying to understand and theorize forms of governance and domination. This concern stems from my belief that in order to cultivate and orient our practices and policies toward a vision of social justice, we need to continuously interrogate how power, privilege and domination operate.
Thus, a big part of my intellectual trajectory has been about trying to provide both an analytic of how power shapes subjects but also and increasingly the ways in which we can disrupt power as domination and cultivate solidarity across difference.

Research interests

My current collaborative research project investigates—and attempts to account for—the heightened visibility of menopause in mainstream and popular UK and US culture.

Publications and research outputs

Edited Book

Rottenberg, Catherine, ed. 2023. This is Not a Feminism Textbook. London: Goldsmiths Press. ISBN 9781913380878