Ceiren Bell

A graduate from our BA Media and Communications, Ceiren is a freelance animator and convenes our Integrated Degree.

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Ceiren Bell


Lecturer, convenor of the Integrated Degree in Media and Communications


Media, Communications and Cultural Studies


c.bell (@gold.ac.uk)

Ceiren Bell convenes the Integrated Degree in Media and Communications (including Foundation Year) and is a freelance animator specialising in hand drawn educational animations. Working across both theory and practice, she also teaches stop motion animation and leads theory seminars on the BA Media and Communications degree, with a particular focus on critical media theory, subjectivity and poststructuralism.

Since graduating from the BA in Media and Communications in 2005 her clients have included various corporate, educational and charitable organisations including the BBC, Channel 4 and Factory Films. The majority of her recent work has been done in collaboration with BAFTA-winning schools website, TrueTube, for which she has been nominated for several awards, most recently winning the 2018 Jerusalem Award for best Digital Video ​and being shortlisted for the 2019 BAFTA Children's Award for Animation. Other recent projects include organising ‘Persistence of Vision: Women Reframing Animation’, a one-day symposium exploring, discussing and celebrating the radical potential of women in animation, held at Goldsmiths in 2019.

Ceiren is particularly concerned with animation's practical and cultural accessibility, the way it tests physical, social and cultural boundaries and its ability to engender empathy and enchantment for viewer and practitioner alike.  Her research interests include animation as creative performance and its relevance to investigations of loss and exile.  She has a particular interest in inclusion and accessibility in higher education.