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Assiya Amini

PhD Student

Experiences of Loss in the Afghan Diaspora Community in London: Representing the Lost and Missing Narratives in Search for Peace

Baqi Ba

PhD Student
qba001 (

Baqi is a PhD student working on a practice-based project about transhumanism, which aims to research future narratives under big data and artificial collectives.

Rabea Berfelde

PhD Student
rberf001 (

Rabea is a PhD student researching In the Urban Factory, The Spatialisation of Human Capital

Photo of Hiya Deb

Hiya Deb

PhD Candidate
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Hiya Deb is a PhD candidate working on a practice-based project on representing the Dalit refugees from the partition of Bengal in Bengali cinema through documentary filmmaking.

Anna Delinois

PhD Candidate
adeli004 (

Anna Delinois is a PhD candidate researching YouTube Inc and its producing partners.

Andy Freeman

PhD Student
a.freeman (

Andy is a PhD student researching the technological imaginary and entanglement.

David Heinemann

PhD Student

The Voice Fantasmatic: The Role Of Speech in the Cinematic Representation of Psychosis

Paige Isaacson

PhD Candidate
pisaa001 (

Paige Isaacson is a PhD candidate researching the affective dimensions of right-wing populist communication.

Photo of Tessel Janse

Tessel Janse

PhD Candidate

Tessel Janse is a PhD candidate working on postcolonialism, animal studies and contemporary art.

Photo of Jaeyoon Jeong

Jaeyoon Jeong

PhD Candidate
jjeon003 (

Jaeyoon Jeong is a PhD candidate researching the Korean Wave (Hallyu) in the UK.

Michael Klontzas

PhD Student

Technology public policy as public service objective: The changing role of the BBC

Shao-Wen Lee

PhD Student
slee011 (

Shao-Wen Lee is a PhD candidate researching the relationship between the transgender body and identity through documentary representation.

Photo of Ilaria Lombardo

Ilaria Lombardo

PhD Candidate
ilomb001 (

Ilaria Lombardo is a PhD Canditate working on Palestinian refugee camps, art, and decolonisation.

Mojola Lawal

PhD student
hlawa001 (

Mojola is researching the emergence of digital activism in Nigeria.

Chantal Meng

PhD Students

LIGHT AT NIGHT: What is the matter of/with darkness?

Photo of Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller

PhD Candidate
smill002 (

Suzy Miller is a PhD candidate researching Screenwriting without boundaries: Re-imagining cinematic screenplays as immersive audio within the changing landscape of cross-modal dramatic writing.

Photo of Emilia Moisio

Emilia Moisio

PhD Candidate
e.moisio (

Emilia Moisio is a PhD candidate researching the potential of nonhuman practices of scientific imaging as models for 'unseeing' the world.

Photo of Callum Sol Morrissey

Callum Sol Morrissey

PhD Candidate
c.morrissey (

Callum Morrissey is a PhD candidate researching identity and postcoloniality in the North and South Korean diasporas.

Photo of Liam Mullally

Liam Mullally

PhD Candidate
lmull002 (

Liam Mullally is a PhD candidate researching the cultural history and aesthetic function of ubiquitous digital processes.

Yazan Nasrallah

PhD Student
ynasr003 (

Yazan Nasrallah is a PhD candidate working on a practice-based project, which practically and theoretically explores the field of immersive interactive experiences.

Photo of Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz

PhD Candidate
morti003 (

Marcos Ortiz is a PhD candidate researching Chile's traditional print media.

Christine Osei

PhD Student

Black Star Rising: Exploring the Influence of Digital Activism on Contemporary Feminist Solidarity Movements in Urban, Accra, Ghana

Shira Pinczuk

PhD Student

Crossing the Live: The Concept of Border in Realistic Documentary Film-making

Photo of Sopolnawitch Ponglamjiak (Poon)

Sopolnawitch Ponglamjiak (Poon)

PhD Student
spong001 (

Sopolnawitch Ponglamjiak is a PhD student working on a practice-based project investigating the satire art of the Thai pro-democracy movement through documentary filmmaking.

Photo of Laurel Rogers

Laurel Rogers

PhD Student
lroge004 (

Laurel Rogers is a PhD student researching the affective labor and cultural production of sex work on digital platforms.

Aaron Santry

PhD Student

Art after Control: Digitality and/as Resistance in Artists' Moving Image

Jessica Saxby

PhD Candidate
jsaxb001 (

Jess Saxby is PhD candidate working on plants, seeds and the politics of colonial memory in France.

Antje Scharenberg

PhD Student

“Pro-European activism in (times of) crisis” - Investigating the mediated subjectivities, practices & politics of contemporary pro-European activism

Photo of Sofie Syarief

Sofie Syarief

PhD Student
ssyar001 (

Sofie Syarief is a PhD student researching the counter-hegemonic alternative news media in Indonesia.

Katie Tsappas

PhD Student
ktsap001 (

Katie Tsappas is a PhD student researching how sex categories are defined in the sporting world.

Pentti Turunen

PhD Student

Mekatilili - Activist media in support of traditional and indigenous knowledge

Lennaart Van Oldenborgh

PhD Student

The Raw and the Cut: Editing as a Form of Selective Forgetting

Photo of Annika Weiss

Annika Weiss

PhD Student
aweis003 (

Annika Weiss is a PhD student looking at precarious film work and union movement in the UK and Germany.

James Williamson

PhD Student

The Mythology of the Bomb: Science Fiction Film & Theories of Meaning & Communication in the Early Cold War Period

Lana Wrightman

PhD Student

Political Economies of PBS in the Digital Era: The Future of American Public Television