Terry Kirby

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Position Senior Lecturer, convenor of the BA in History and Journalism and co-convenor of the MA in Journalism
Email t.kirby (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7296 4281

Senior Lecturer and Director of the School of Journalism
Programme convenor: BA Journalism and MA Journalism
Managing Editor: Eastlondonlines

Terry Kirby has been a journalist for many years. He was police reporter, home affairs correspondent and news editor of the Birmingham Post. In 1986 he was a founder member of staff of the Independent and held a number of senior positions, including crime correspondent, assistant home editor, night editor and chief reporter.  Since 2007 he has worked as a freelance writer, editor, media consultant and journalism educator. His work has also appeared in the Independent on Sunday, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Evening Standard and the New Statesman.

He has been teaching at Goldsmiths since 2008 and joined the staff of the Department in 2011, taking over the convening of BA Journalism in 2013 and MA Journalism in 2014.

Journalism work

As a crime journalist he reported extensively on important terrorism and criminal trials, urban disturbances, IRA bombing campaigns and major criminal stories, including the 1987 Hungerford massacre and the Lockerbie disaster. He led the Independents’ disclosures of the miscarriages of justice associated with the West Midlands Police Serious Crime Squad and has a long-standing interest in the criminal justice system, the law and the relationship between the police and the public. As editorial executive he was closely involved in the newspapers coverage of many major stories, including the death of the Princess of Wales and the 9/11 attacks.  As chief reporter of the Independent, he wrote about subjects as diverse as the 7/7 bombings, the Chelsea Flower Show, the Arctic Monkeys, wild boar hunting in Devon and spent time afloat in the English Channel with Greenpeace activists. He has worked in some capacity on every General Election since 1979.

He has a strong interest in food and wine issues and has written, among other subjects, about cheese making, English sparkling wine, the Port trade, the history of Cornish pasties, and the pet food industry.  He currently writes a weekly wine column for the Independent on Sunday.

He is author of a true crime book, The Trials of the Baroness.


At Goldsmiths, as well as convening and teaching on both BA Journalism and MA Journalism he is the Director of the School of Journalism and responsible for co-ordinating and promoting the delivery of journalism teaching in the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies.

He has been closely associated with the development of EastLondonLines, the local news website created and run by the Department as a training medium for all journalism courses. He is now its managing editor with overall responsibility for the site.

His interests include new digital platforms and online reporting, the future of local news, the reporting of the police and crime, consumer journalism, popular culture, ethical journalism and career progressions for young journalists.