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Political Economy Research Centre (PERC)

A new Centre for cultural & political analysis of economic life.

— Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ansel. Latest PERC news
— Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ansel.

Inside the department

About us

Learn more about how we got started, what our goals are and our research interests.

Current Projects

A list of on-going research activities, which PERC members are currently leading or participating in.


A downloadable list of some of our papers over the years.

The Political Economy Research Centre (PERC) is a new centre for cultural and political analysis of economic life.

Our work cuts across various disciplines, including heterodox economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, media and cultural studies.

We aim to achieve new critical and empirical perspectives on political economy, breaking down boundaries between economics and other social sciences, and between experts and public, in the process.

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Contact us

We are based at 41 Lewisham Way, opposite the Goldsmiths main building.

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