People in PERC


PERC Staff

Will Davies (Co-Director)

Aeron Davis (Co-Director)

Johnna Montgomerie (Deputy Director)

Dr Nick Taylor, Politics (CUSP Research Fellow)


Goldsmiths PERC Network

Dr Paul Gunn, Politics

Dr Andrea Mura, Politics

Dr Clea Bourne, Media

Dr Liz Moor, Media

Prof Roger Burrows, Sociology

Prof Bev Skeggs, Sociology

Dr Daniel Neyland, Sociology

Dr Alberto Toscano, Sociology

Dr Massimiliano Mollona, Anthropology

Dr Constantinos Repapis, Institute of Management Studies

Suhail Malik, Art

Dr Nicola Searle, Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

Dr Mario Campana, Institute of Management Studies

Dr Giorgos Galanis, Institute of Management Studies


Advisory Board

Ann Pettifor (Chair) - Director, Policy Research In Macroeconomics

Prof Ha-Joon Chang - University of Cambridge

Prof Danny Dorling - University of Oxford

Prof Diane Elson - University of Essex & Chair, Women's Budget Group

Prof Ben Fine - SOAS

Deborah Hargreaves - Director, High Pay Centre

Prof Steve Keen - Kingston University

Prof Marianna Mazzucato - University College London

James Meek - novellist

Prof Mary Mellor - Northumbria University

Nick Pearce - Director, Institute for Public Policy Research

Prof Stuart White - University of Oxford

Prof Karel Williams - University of Manchester