Dr Nick Taylor

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Position Research Fellow, Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity
Email N.taylor (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is a political economist with research interests in the history of the welfare state, history of economic thought and international political economy. His work has explored historical and contemporary perspectives of poverty and unemployment in Britain, including those of economists, social reformers and labour movements. He has published research on comparative political economy and theorizing different forms of labour within comparative capitalisms approaches.

Nick is a Research Fellow for the ESRC-sponsored Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP), working with Dr Will Davies in the Political Economy Research Centre (PERC) at Goldsmiths. Prior to this, he was awarded an Early Career Fellowship by the Institute of Advanced Study at Warwick (2015-16), worked as a research assistant on a PSA Commission on social care and was the coordinator of the IPE Research Cluster at Warwick.

 Academic Qualifications:

  • PhD in Politics and International Studies, PAIS, University of Warwick, 2016.
  • MA in Politics, University of Warwick, 2011.
  • MA in International Political Economy, University of Warwick, 2010.
  • BA in International Relations, University of Sussex, 2009.


Nick has previously taught World Politics. He is interested in critical pedagogy and widening political economy debates beyond the university, and has been involved in several initiatives relating to this objective.

Recent Work/Selected Work: 

Taylor, Nick (2018) ‘The Return of Character: Parallels between late-Victorian and twenty-first century discourses’, Sociological Research Online, 23(2): 399-415.

Taylor, Nick (2017) ‘A Job, Any Job: The UK Benefits System and Employment Services in an Age of Austerity’, Observatoire de la Société Britannique, 19: 267-285.

Taylor, Nick (2014) ‘Theorising Capitalist Diversity: the uneven and combined development of labour forms’, Capital & Class, 38(1): 123-135.

Taylor, Nick (2013) ‘Die ungleiche und kombinierte Entwicklung von Arbeitsformen’, Peripherie, 130/131: 179-196.

Grants and Awards:

Nick has been awarded an ESRC (1+3) Studentship (2010-14) and an IAS Early Career Fellowship (2015-16).



Taylor, Nick ; Jones, Aled; Hafner, Sarah and Kitchen, Joanna. 2021. Finance for a future of sustainable prosperity. Area, 53(1), pp. 21-29. ISSN 0004-0894

Taylor, Nicholas and Davies, Will . 2021. The Financialization of Anti-capitalism? The case of the ‘Financial Independence Retire Early’ Community. Journal of Cultural Economy, 14(6), pp. 694-710. ISSN 1753-0350

Taylor, Nicholas . 2017. 'A Job, Any Job' : The UK Benefits System and Employment Services in an Age of Austerity. Observatoire de la société britannique, 19, pp. 267-285.

Taylor, Nicholas . 2014. Theorising capitalist diversity: The uneven and combined development of labour forms. Capital & Class, 38(1), pp. 129-141. ISSN 0309-8168